10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of May 7, 2021

We don't quite understand how it'already May, but we're not complaining, because it's time to celebrate yet another week of incredible new turns from our fave artists.

This week, we saw incredible new tracks from everyone from Francisco Martin and Sebastian Javier to Cassadee Pope, Maisie Peters and Joshua Bassett, and it is all fire. Curious? Just keep scrolling for our 10 favorite things that happened in music the week of May 7, 2021.

1. Kandle Drops Soulful Acoustic Version of 'No Good'

Canadian singer-songwriter Kandle is definitely one to watch in 2021, and we are eagerly awaiting her upcoming debut album, Set the Fire, out May 28. This Garden Sessions video, showing off an impressive acoustic performance of "No Good," is the perfect little taste of what's to come. Armed with an acoustic guitar, Kandle is joined by Mother Mother's Debra-Jean Creelman and Great Big Sea's Kendel Carson on the fiddle. Together, their voices are as angelic as they are haunting. "I wanted to give a sassy upbeat delivery as a stark contrast to a song which is otherwise a gloomy autobiographical portrayal of feeling like an unlovable mess," Kandle explained in a press release. This is one track we'll be able to listen to again and again.


2. Jordana Bryant Releases Debut EP Last First

15-year-old country singer-songwriter Jordana Bryant is a young star on the rise, and if you love the genre, her debut EP, Last First, is definitely worth a listen. Featuring four tracks flowing with Jordana's signature charm and enthusiasm, the EP is a delight from start to finish. We especially love the title track, "Last First," and its romantic music video. It's a song about going into a beautiful new relationship hoping the fun will never end, and we can definitely relate.


3. Chel Ignores the Doubters in 'View From Down There'

Singer-songwriter Chel is an artist with a voice as powerful as the messages she puts in each of her anthemic tracks, and her new song, "View From Down There" is just her latest stunner. She dropped the colorful lyric video for the song this week, which is basically a diss track to the people who only want to be in your life once they can get something from you in return. "'View From Down There' is a song I wrote about someone who has fought really hard to achieve their goals and has now achieved a lot of them," Chel told Sweety High. "Through this process, they had support from close family and friends, but not from everyone. Fast forward to now, when this person is doing really well, all the people who neglected to support them in the past, are now trying to be a part of the momentum. These same people are now trying to say that they have been there all along. "VFDT" is a bit of a petty story because it's basically calling out these people and at the same time saying that they are not important enough to care about now because they haven't been a part of the journey. I like to think it's a fun way to be tongue and cheek. It feels good to sing it and to say it and it is a story I have lived."


4. Polo & Pan Entrance With 'Ani Kuni'

French electro-pop producers duo Polo & Pan never fail to impress with their vibrant sound and infectious beats, and we're not at all surprised that their latest release, "Ani Kuni," is no exception. "'Ani Kuni' absolutely represents our love of treasured childhood memories and our wish to transform and transmit our musical inspirations," the duo told Sweety High. The track absolutely comes to life thanks to its Sesame Street-inspired animated lyric video, and once it gets rolling, you won't want to press that pause button.


5. Francisco Martin Gives His All in Debut EP Beautiful Ramblings of a Restless Mind

Ready to have your heart absolutely broken? Look no further than Francisco Martin's stunning debut EP, Beautiful Ramblings of a Restless Mind. The singer-songwriter and American Idol alum is a talent we'll never tire of, and this EP's six tunes will get you right in the feels. "This EP is about love, loneliness and heartache," Francisco told Sweety High. "It's an emotional journey; a conversation. It's a little bit about falling in love, a little bit about yearning for love and a little bit about losing one of the first loves of my life."


6. Sebastian Javier Analyzes Toxic Relationships in 'Bad for Me'

We've been obsessed with Argentinian singer-songwriter Sebastian Javier since his Vine days, and his talent has only grown with the years. This bilingual track with sizzling lyrics in both English and Spanish doesn't just have a great sound. Its message about struggling to avoid toxic relationships, even when you realize how bad they are for you, is pretty relatable, too. "We learn the most from our mistakes," Sebastian explained in a press release. "Why do we chase things that are bad for us like toxic relationships? There are negative connotations to these relationships, yet the song is actually hopeful because you're learning from what is bad for you. You chase something bad, but you eventually grow and move forward."


7. Cooper Phillip Releases Sweeping New Single 'Perfectly Original'

There's something about the soaring vocals in Cooper Phillip's new single "Perfectly Original" that make it feel like an R&B classic. With its orchestral production and flawlessly soulful vocals, it's the ultimate track about understanding how powerful you are, and embracing only the things that help you move forward. "I grew up listening to classical pieces and symphonic music left a mark on my heart," Cooper told Sweety High. "The track has live strings and it brings me back to my childhood and my memories of the theatrical performances. The track is very different from all of my songs."


8. Cassadee Pope Teams up With Karen Fairchild and Lindsay Ell for 'What the Stars See'

These days, singer-songwriter Cassadee Pope is probably best known as a country artist, but before she took up her country music solo career, she was the lead vocalist of pop-punk band Hey Monday. Her newest release, "What the Stars See," feels like the perfect country-rock union of those two genres, and with the help of artists Karen Fairchild and Lindsay Ell, the result couldn't make us happier. "I was inspired to write 'What The Stars See' after sitting outside one night looking up at the stars, curious what their perspective might be looking down on us," Cassadee explained in a press release. "It made me think back to times in my life when I had just come out of a relationship but still felt so connected to the other person. I imagined having the superpower to be among the stars and observe, from their perspective, an ex moving on with their life (or not)."


9. Maisie Peters and James Bay Join Forces for 'Funeral'

Maisie Peters' delicate yet emotive voice is instantly recognizable in any context, and we can never get enough of it. We think it was a stroke of genius that the folks behind Apple TV's British comedy series Trying asked her to develop the show's second season soundtrack. "Funeral," featuring James Bay, is just a gorgeous taste of what's to come. It's a song about letting go of past heartbreak and wanted to go to the end of the world—and even beyond the end of life—for love. "Being asked to make a whole soundtrack was a huge challenge as I'd never done anything like that before, but it was super interesting to me, so, I said 'yes,'" Maisie explained in a press release.


10. Joshua Bassett Drops Our New Summer Anthem, 'Feel Something'

Yes—Joshua Bassett is already releasing new music after dropping his six-track debut EP in March, and we have no complaints. The new song is called "Feel Something," and with its rousing, anthemic sound and poignant lyrics, it'll make you want to get out there and do something as soon as possible. It's all about making the most of the moment because you don't know when you'll ever get it back, and we couldn't agree more.


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