10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of May 21, 2021

With summer just around the corner, it's time to crank up the AC, chill in your cutest, comfiest outfit and start blasting your favorite tunes.

And if you're not quite sure what to listen to this week, you absolutely must check out the latest releases, because with new hits from everyone from Olivia Rodrigo to Niall Horan, Twenty One Pilots and the Jonas Brothers, this week was even more impressive than most.

Ready to bask in everything these artists have to offer?  Keep scrolling for our 10 favorite things that happened in music the week of May 21, 2021.

1. Lily Rose Captures Love and Heartbreak With 'Remind Me of You'

We're not exaggerating when we say that Lily Rose has one of our favorite voices in country, and we think her latest release, "Remind Me of You," is one that transcends the genre. It's a song about being happy with someone new, involved in something that's the polar opposite of your last, doomed, relationship, and yet constantly being reminded of those differences and your ex. "This is actually my first song that I've ever released that I didn't write," Lily explained in a press release. "The second I heard the demo, I knew it was the perfect combination of swag and country—not to mention that it's written by some lyrical geniuses, who I admire a ton. When someone asks, 'What song are you most excited to play live?' it's at the top of my list, that's for sure!"


2. Gina Naomi Baez Drops a New Anthem to Individuality, 'UNIQUEorn'

All of us have those special tracks—the ones we sing along with at the top of our lungs to feel more empowered, secure and courageous. Gina Naomi Baez's effervescent new track "UNIQUEorn" has all of the makings of that rare kind of track you come back to again and again. "A lot of the time, we are conditioned to 'fit in' or at least think you have to look, act or present yourself a certain way," Gina told Sweety High. 'UNIQUEorn' is about embracing what makes you unique."


3. Carlie Hanson and MASN Have Their Hearts Cut Out in 'Gucci Knife'

Carlie Hanson and MASN make for one powerful musical duo, and after watching their friendship unfold on TikTok, we love hearing the results in their powerful new single "Gucci Knife." The all-too-relatable track is an ode to the crushing feeling of having your heart broken, but we think people are going to fall in love with it regardless of their current relationship status. "'Gucci Knife' captures the heavy heartbreak of being so unexpectedly let down by a person after they change their mind, what feels like, overnight," Carlie said in a press release.


4. Boys World Returns With Vibrant New Video for 'All Me'

Girl group Boys World is definitely on the rise in 2021, and we couldn't be happier to see them going places. Their latest release "All Me" is the follow up to their debut EP While You Were Out, and with its catchy hook and boldly colorful music video, we love the way it captures what the band is all about. In the vid, the gals give a guy a thorough makeover, taking him from slob to heartthrob, and it's one you'll wanna watch again and again.


5. Daneliya Tuleshova Laments Lost Love in 'Like You Used To'

14-year-old Kazakhstani singer and America's Got Talent alum Daneliya Tuleshova is talented far beyond her years, and her new single, "Like You Used To," is the perfect showcase of her vocal abilities. It's a track about a relationship that hasn't quite ended, but is falling apart as a shadow of its former self. "I'm so excited to finally release my first single with 4 Chords Records," Daneliya said in a press release. "Rich Fayden at the label saw and understood my vision as an artist and I am excited for what is to come."


6. Eladio Carrion Lets It All Out in 'Sauce Boy Freestyle 4'

Eladio Carrion is one of the pioneers of Latin Trap. With his latest release, "Sauce Boy Freestyle 4," the artist returns to his roots and the "Sauce Boy" series to speak his truth and remind us all of how he made his way to the top. That iconic vocal delivery reminds us why he's one of the biggest in the biz.


7. Twenty One Pilots Releases Sixth Studio Album, Scaled and Icy 

Beloved indie duo Twenty One Pilots is back with their sixth studio album, Scaled and Icy, which was written and produced almost entirely in isolation within frontman Tyler Joseph's home studio. The song's 11 new tracks capture the essence of 2020, from the fear and anxiety to the isolation and boredom of the time, but we think these songs will also stand the test of time.


8. Olivia Rodrigo Drops Her Highly Anticipated Debut Album, Sour

Ever since Olivia Rodrigo blessed us with "Drivers License," we knew she was destined to be a superstar, and now that her debut album Sour is finally here, we can say it's everything we imagined it would be. Her melodious voice paired with superb songwriting means her songs never fail to strike a chord. Fans have also noted that tracks seem to take Olivia through the stages of grief, from bewilderment at her heartache to acceptance, and we can't get enough. This album is set to break the internet in the biggest of ways, and we couldn't be happier for her.


9. Marshmello Teams Up With the Jonas Brothers for 'Leave Before You Love Me'

We always look forward to new Marshmello collabs, but when his releases feature artists as iconic as the Jonas Brothers, we know they're going to be instant hits. This super danceable track, with great '80s vibes, is the perfect combination of all of the talent on deck, and we seriously cannot wait to hear this one out in the wild as the world opens back up.


10. Niall Horan Joins Forces With Anne-Marie for the Flawless 'Our Song'

It has been far too long since we heard a new release from Niall Horan, so we were thrilled when we heard he was dropping a new song with collab goddess Anne-Marie—and the result is pure perfection. It's a track about doing all you can to move on at the end of a relationship, only to be reminded of them when your song comes on the radio, bringing it all crashing back. The song's romantic, dreamy sound only makes it even more devastating.


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