10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of June 4, 2021

It's officially June, which means the sun is out and the weather is heating up—and so are the new tunes out this week.

This week our favorite artists did not disappoint—but then again, when do they? With great new releases from big artists such as Noah Schnacky, Tomorrow x Tomorrow, Tate McRae, Billie Eilish and more, plus a few stellar indie hits, these songs are the perfect way to kick off any summer celebrations.

Eager to get the party started? Keep scrolling for our 10 favorite things that happened in music the week of June 4, 2021.

1. Nazanin Stuns With Empowering New Anthem 'Dangerous'

New York City-based singer-songwriter Nazanin always sets out to thrill and empower fans with her music, and her new single "Dangerous" may be her best release yet. The danceable new track is just the thing to get you pumped up to embody your most powerful self, and we can't stop listening. "To me, the track is special because it helps you reclaim your power if you're ever feeling out of touch with your badass self," she told Sweety High in an interview. Listening to it gives you confidence. It's definitely an empowering song."


2. Cody Lovaas Breaks Our Hearts With 'Me, Myself'

Cody Lovaas is an incredible singer-songwriter that everyone should be watching in 2021, with a raw and authentic approach to songwriting that leaves our hearts broken every time. His latest release, "Me, Myself" captures a unique type of sadness we've all been through, with a sound that's somehow as catchy as it is melancholic. "When friends came to me for advice, I knew exactly what to say, but as soon as I had questions for myself, I would draw a blank," Cody explained of the song in a press release. "I felt like I had been in my brain for 22 years and still knew nothing about myself. Luckily, writing this song was a huge help in finding me again."


3. vaultboy Releases Music Video for His Viral Hit 'Everything Sucks'

There's a good reason newcomer vaultboy's single, "Everything Sucks" has managed to rack up over a million listens in just a week. The song is catchy, clever, and maybe just a little too relatable for anyone who's trying their best not to think of their ex and stay optimistic instead. It's pretty much exactly what we need right now. "It's crazy to me how a song I wrote in my bedroom about looking on the bright side has connected to so many people all over the world," vaultboy explained in a press release. "We're all so similar in that way; we're just looking for a reason to smile and be okay."


4. Country Artist Andrew Jannakos Drops Highly Awaited Gone Too Soon EP

Country singer-songwriter Andrew Jannakos first flew onto our radars when a teaser of his song "Gone Too Soon" went viral on TikTok, and ever since, we've been eagerly anticipating more from the artist. Today, he made our dreams come true with the release of the six-track EP of the same name. When Sweety High asked him what the title track, "Gone Too Soon," means to him, Andrew replied, "Everything. It's the song that got me to where I am today."


5. Chel Releases Ethereal Music Video for 'VFDT'

Chel's stylish and empowered "VFDT (View From Down There)" is an ode to recognizing your own power, and cutting out all of the people who doubted and never supported you on your rise to the top. Today, the track is out with a visually striking music video that really drives those themes home. "I gave full creative direction to the director, Matthew Freiheit," Chel told Sweety High. "He came up with a visually stunning video that I am in love with. I was so fortunate to have a beautiful team to help me from the wardrobe, done by Melissa Mercedes, to hair and makeup, done by Carissa Arellano, and photography by Basia Nakatani. I also had a bunch of my friends volunteer which made it fun and easy. I think this dream team created an amazing environment for this video to be as amazing as it turned out."


6. Fousheé Drops Her New Project, time machine

Singer-songwriter Fousheé deserves all of the attention she's been getting recently, from being Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Rookie of the Month to Apple's Next Up artist, and you only have to hear her latest collection of tracks, time machine, to understand why. The project features songs that travel through the thoughts and emotions of her past memories and experiences while also looking to the future and what it might hold. Our personal favorite is "My Slime," a song that combines R&B soulfulness with a gentle acoustic sound that nearly transforms it into a lullaby. It also has a captivating new video detailing a romance through the story of a bank heist and the ensuing getaway, out today.


7. Noah Schnacky and Jimmie Allen Join Forces for the 'Don't You Wanna Know'

Noah Schnacky is one of our faves in the country music genre right now, and his unique approach never fails to wow us. His latest release, featuring fellow country singer-songwriter Jimmie Allen, is one that transcends the genre and is sure to win over even those who don't consider themselves country music fans. "I had a dream my best friend was singing this song to a girl and I immediately woke up and looked up the lyrics and found nothing," Noah explained in a press release. "As the song came to fruition, I knew adding Jimmie's style would really make it pop. He was one of first artists to take me in and support me, so I was stoked he agreed to do it."


8. blackbear and Tate McRae Team Up for 'u love u'

We've always thought that a collab between blackbear and Tate McRae would be showstopping, and we were absolutely right. blackbear's new single "u love u" features Tate and is about a toxic relationship in which the other person is so self-absorbed and obsessed with themself that it's like you're not in a relationship at all. "'u love u' is a super honest song about the struggles of being in a relationship with a selfish person," Tate explained in a press release. "I'm really excited to be a part of blackbear's record and help bring his vision to life."


9. K-pop Sensations Tomorrow X Together Release The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE Album

Every once in a while, we hear one of those rousing, epic and uplifting tracks that we know will be the soundtrack of the summer, and K-pop group Tomorrow X Together'"0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)" is destined to become one of them, and it's only one song off the group's sophomore Korean album, The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE. Also featuring vocals from South Korean singer Seori, it's sure to get your blood pumping—and it's the perfect introduction to the new season.


10. Billie Eilish Drops Surprise New Track and Music Video, 'Lost Cause'

Any week we get new Billie Eilish music out of the blue is a good week, in our books. This week, she surprised fans by releasing the smooth and sultry new song "Lost Cause," as well as its playful music video. The song is about a relationship turned sour, and realizing the person you're with is just no good, while the fun music video takes things in a different direction entirely, showcasing what looks to be a fun sleepover with Billie and friends. And this is only a tease of her upcoming album, Happier Than Ever, which releases next month. "Summer is in the air right now" indeed.


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