10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of Jan. 15, 2021

While the start to 2021 has been bumpy, music has not disappointed us.

We've had Olivia Rodrigo's "Drivers License" on repeat since its release, and we can't wait to see what else she has in store. This week, in particular, the world of music was quite busy. From Zayn to Hunter Hayes, some of music's biggest names gave us incredible new songs, albums and music videos. Keep reading for 10 big things that happened in music the week of Jan. 15, 2021.

1. Audrey Mika Releases Music Video for 'Excuses'

At just 20 years old, Audrey Mika has already made a name for herself in the music industry. Following the success of "Red Gatorade," her latest song, "Excuses," wowed us even more. The music video hits close to home, with everyone making excuses as to why they can'do things, making us think of our time spent indoors due to COVID. Overall, "Excuses" is a song we could see ourselves listening to on a road trip or hanging out with friends.


2. 17 year old Isaac Dunbar Drops New Track 'pink party'

Young artists are taking over 2021. Isaac Dunbar, who's just 17 years old, dropped his new track "pink party" this week. This song comes before the release of his EP, Evil Twin, set to be released Feb. 19. In a press release about the new song, Isaac says, "'pink party' was inspired after a night out in Paris with my friends. I set an expectation about Paris, where I would meet the love of my life during vespertine hours—so in the record I talk to the lover I wanted to meet that night, but I made them up in my head."


3. Kara Marni's 'Trippin' Single Is Unveiled

Before we even get into Kara Marni's stunning vocals in "Trippin," can we talk about how incredible her outfits were in the music video? We're sitting here daydreaming about that gold two-piece. The video itself was super entertaining—we didn't want to miss a second of it. The chorus from Amerie's "1 Thing" is in the song, and simply put, we're obsessed. This is the type of song you'll blast while getting ready for a night out.


4. Ruel Releases Music Video for 'Distance' From His EP, Bright Lights, Red Eyes

Bright Lights, Red Eyes is Ruel's latest EP, and this week, he gave us what we've all been waiting for—the music video for "Distance." It shows the artist's emotions dealing with his broken heart, and it is truly something to watch. In a press release about his EP, Ruel said, "This project was a stream of consciousness when I was writing it at the time, and I feel like that's the way all projects and songs are for me."


5. Indie-Pop Band Pale Waves Drops Music Video for 'Easy'

If you haven't heard of the indie-pop band Pale Waves, allow us to put them on your radar. Their songs are so easy to sing along to, and we dare you to not sing and dance to their latest track, "Easy." In a press release about the song, Pale Waves' Heather Baron-Gracie (who wore a black wedding dress in the music video) said, "Love can change your whole perspective, not only of yourself but of life too. It's the most heartfelt moment throughout the album and it is a genuine, feel-good love song. Originally, 'Easy' was a piano ballad but I wanted to put more energy behind the instrumentation to enhance how love can uplift, drive, and inspire you hence the dramatic musical change."


6. Danielle Bradbery Teams Up With Kurt to Release Spanish Version of 'Never Have I Ever'

Following the success of Danielle Bradbery's "Never Have I Ever," the singer decided to team up with Kurt and release a Spanish version. Her Hispanic heritage can be heard in her voice, and alongside Kurt, they make one striking duo. In a press release about the song, Danielle said, "I feel like I'm putting a piece of my heart out into the world, and I'm so excited for everyone to hear it. I hope that I made my Chita and my family proud."


7. Sam DeRosa Drops Music Video for 'Unfinished'

"Unfinished" is the final piece to come together from Sam DeRosa's debut EP, The Medicine. This song is for anyone who's been in a breakup or ended a friendship and got no closure. In a press release about the song, Sam said, "Some stories don't get an ending and some people never get a proper goodbye. I knew that I wanted to touch on this idea that maybe this is what it is. Maybe we are just meant to be open-ended and there's no ending, and there's no reason for that?"


8. Country Star Hunter Hayes Releases New Song, 'The One That Got Away'

Hunter Hayes is easily one of our favorite country stars of all time, so when we heard he had a new song on the horizon, we couldn't wait to hear it. "The One That Got Away" is so relatable and something that everyone can enjoy. In a press release about the song, Hunter said,"The song came from realizing that certain things I was holding onto so tightly were slowly destroying me, and from feeling weightless and free once I finally let go. I wanted to write something that people could get a speeding ticket to and feel so lucky that they've gotten away from whatever wasn't good for them—whether that be a town or a job or a relationship or whatever else."


9. Selena Gomez Unveils Music Video for 'De Una Vez'

Selena Gomez's music video for "De Una Vez" is full of stunning visuals. Not only is the video itself unlike anything we've ever seen, but the song is equally as amazing. Singing in Spanish, Selena is giving fans what they've been begging for. In the video, she wears a darling dress that features a glowing heart, and it's completely mesmerizing. Taking viewers through every room in a house, you'll be left wanting more.


10. Zayn Drops His Latest Album, Nobody Is Listening

It feels like forever and a day since we've been waiting for Zayn's album, Nobody Is Listening, to be released. The day is finally here, and boy oh boy are we impressed. The record features 11 tracks, and we can't figure out which one we like the most. Each song has its own vibe, meaning there's something for you to listen to for any mood you may be in. Get to jamming friends, because this album is about to blow up.


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