10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of March 12, 2021

Wow, this year is just flying by.

With winter coming to an end and spring about to begin, we're looking forward to making new memories, and of course, listening to new music. This week, in particular, was absolutely incredible in the music industry. With some of our favorite artists, including Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas, coming out with new material there's plenty of new stuff to stream. Keep reading for the ten big things that happened in music the week of March 12, 2021.

1. Pop-Country Star Flo Gives Us All the Feels With 'In My Mind'

When we hear pop-country, Taylor Swift comes to mind, and that's exactly who we were reminded of when we first heard "In My Mind." Flo's vocal range is stunningly beautiful and the song itself is very easy to sing along to. Anyone who's ever felt insecure in a relationship will definitely relate to the track. When asked about the song in a press release, Flo said, "It talks about how easy it is to fantasize, and how it can unknowingly lead you to have unrealistic expectations when it comes to relationships. It's one of my favorite songs, and I can't wait for people to hear it!"


2. A Day to Remember Drops Music Video for 'Everything We Need'

We've been streaming A Day to Remember's "Everything We Need" for weeks now, so when we found out about the new music video, we ran to YouTube. Featuring lots of driving on I-75, the video pays homage to the lyrics in a beautiful manner. Jeremy McKinnon of the band explained in a press release, "This was one of the song ideas I started with Jon Bellion and ended up finishing later on with the help of Nick Long. A song about going on a drive to clear your head and having a pinch-me moment. Realizing you have everything in life you need right now."


3. Boys World Stuns With Lyric Video for 'Tiptoe'

Boys World is one of our favorite groups of the moment, and its members include Elana Caceres, Olivia Ruby, Queenie Mae, Lillian Kay and Makhyli. Together, they make amazing music, and we're especially loving "Tiptoe." The band stated in a press release, "Lyrically, this song is about when you realize someone is tip-toeing around a relationship, and has a darker tone than the rest of our songs so far, which was really fun for us to play with in the visuals."


4. Cannons Releases Hit Single, 'Bad Dream'

Remember the song "Fire for You" that everyone was completely enamored with? Well, we still are, and the band, Cannons, just released a brand new single, "Bad Dream"! It has the same gooey vibe as "Fire for You," with a beat that you literally can'not dance to. We honestly can't even begin to tell you how happy this beat makes us. We'll be streaming this on repeat, and so should you!


5. Against The Current Wows With New Music Video, 'weapon'

Featuring insane visuals and hardcore rock beats (think Avril Lavigne), Against the Current's new music video for "weapon" is giving us all the feels. Chrissy Costanza of Against the Current explained in a press release, "'weapon' is about the invisible wars we wage within ourselves, where we are simultaneously the protagonist and the antagonist of our own story… it's about that battle and the victory I strive for but always seem to fall short of."


6. Pop Singer-Songwriter Emily Weisband Shares Music Video for 'Psychopath'

Anyone who has an ex can probably relate to this song. Seeing them out in public is something we all try to avoid at all costs, and this is perfectly portrayed in Emily Weisband's new song, "Psychopath." The music video itself is moody and sultry, and we love it. When asked about the origin of the song in a press release, Emily said, "I had just started dating my current boyfriend and I saw on Instagram that my ex before him got engaged. My boyfriend could tell I was in a funk and said, 'Well of course you feel weird about your ex being engaged, you're not a psychopath!'"


7. Doja Cat Releases Music Video for 'Streets'

Chart-topper Doja Cat just released the music video for "Streets," and wow, we have so many emotions over it! We first fell in love with Doja when her song "Say So" was dropped, and "Streets" just makes us love her even more. It pays tribute to the super popular TikTok trend, featuring the song, where people had their silhouettes on display in a red light. Doja takes it a step further by showing off her silhouette in the beginning of the video in a storefront. It's all sorts of sexy appeal and makes us want to create our own version!


8. Selena Gomez Releases Long-Awaited Spanish Album, Revelación

Selena Gomez surprised fans a few months ago with the news of a Spanish-language album, and it was finally released this week! Revelación shows off Selena's love for her Spanish heritage, and even non-Spanish speakers will enjoy it! Perhaps one of the most popular songs off of the album is "Adiós"—trust us, you'll be listening to this one on repeat!


9. Gwen Stefani Drops Fun New Single, 'Slow Clap'

Raise your hand if you miss No Doubt! We know we sure do, so whenever Gwen Stefani drops new music, we can't seem to contain our excitement. Her latest single, "Slow Clap," is no different and made us instantly start listening to her more recent music. We love that Gwen continues to grow as an artist while still remaining true to her No Doubt roots. "Slow Clap" is something we could picture ourselves vibing to on the dancefloor with all of our closest girlfriends.


10. Nick Jonas Finally Releases Fourth Studio Album, Spaceman

We didn't think we could stan Nick Jonas any more than we already do, but after watching the music video for "Spaceman," we were proven wrong. Released along with the rest of the album of the same name, the music video itself is full of truly incredible visuals that feel real. Nick is rocking an astronaut spacesuit, and it's making us think ahead to our Halloween costumes! Make sure to stream the rest of the album, available everywhere!


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