Would You Love To See Beyoncé Or Taylor On the $10 Bill?

The $10 bill is getting the best kind of makeover! The U.S. Department of Treasury made an announcement earlier this week that the new $10 bill, rolling out by 2020, will feature a woman. While the top contenders for the spot are Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks, we have a few recommendations of our own. Note: These are not legal tender… yet.

It makes total sense to put our favorite monarch, Queen Bey, on the bill.

beyonce monkey 10 dollar bill

We all know Taylor will go down in history as the top-selling artist of the decade, and it's definitely not too early to be sticking her on our money.

taylor swift 10 dollar bill money

Our purses will be SO heavy getting Fifth Harmony dollars.

fifth harmony money 10 dollar bill

Jennifer Lawrence is America's sweetheart right now, so of course it would make sense for her to be on America's money.

jennifer lawrence money 10 dollar bill

Megan Trainor's unique perspective and perfect style make her $10 bill material.

meghan trainor 10 dollar bill money

Demi Lovato is our hero for overcoming adversity and being totally fierce in the process. If anyone deserves the bill, it's her.

demi lovato money 10 dollar bill

Selena Gomez just looks right on this pink banknote! 

selena gomez money 10 dollar bill

It's impossible not to love Shailene Woodley as Tris AND Hazel, so we don't think anyone would protest this choice.

shailene woodley money 10 dollar bill

Just like this bill, Cimorelli were "Made In America." 

cimorelli money 10 dollar bill

Ariana Grande has earned her spot among the biggest voices of all time, so she'd be well suited for the money game.

ariana grande money 10 dollar bill

Who would you love to see on the new $10 bill? Share your ideas in the comments!