10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Year Round

Last Thursday was Earth Day and, while it's great that we have one day every year dedicated to environmental awareness, there's always more that can be done. Interested in finding easy things to do to help your world? Here are ten easy ways to celebrate the earth, year round:

1. Skip the bottled water. Drink tap water instead.

2. Ask your family to eat locally once per week.

3. Bring your lunch to school in reusable containers. Take silverware, instead of plastic forks and knives, instead.

4. When you leave a room, turn off the light. Ask your family to do the same.

5. Once a month, ask your parents if you can air dry your clothes. Your drying machine uses quite a lot of energy, and you would be surprised by how fresh your clothes will smell after having been hung out in the open air!

6. Ask your parents to organize a carpool to school. See if you can't convince them to pick up your besties at least once per week.

7. Volunteer for eco-friendly events organized by your school. You might help pick up trash at the park, or clean up the nearby beach.

8. Recycle – at school, at home, at the library.

9. Print your assignments on both sides of the paper.

10. Find more ways to help here.

What other suggestions do you have to be environmentally friendly?