11 Artists That Will Help To Fill The Void 1D Left In Your Heart

One Direction may or may not be broken up for good, but we do know one thing; they're not together RIGHT THIS MINUTE, and that's tough for our Directioner hearts to handle. We know it's painful, but we think these 11 bands and artists will make things a TINY bit easier as we all learn to deal.


1. Carson Lueders

Why Carson? If you're yearning to go back to the days of classic 1D, Carson is your guy. He's by far the youngest on this list, but he's been a musician basically his entire life and it shows in his music.

Listen if you LOVE:  EVERY song from Up All Night


2. Lawrence Taylor

Why Lawrence? He's a singer-songwriter from Birmingham with a voice that you'll never, ever get tired of, and his guitar playing is like a lullaby. Plus, if you're missing 1D's cute factor, he's got that, too.

Listen if you LOVE:  "Never Enough", "Once In A Lifetime"


3. Tor Miller

Why Tor? Tor's music is just the thing when you're missing One Direction's more indie tracks. Plus, everything he does is RIDICULOUSLY danceable.

Listen if you LOVE:  "Fireproof", "Stole My Heart"


4. Shawn Hook

Why Shawn? Shawn grew up as a classical pianist, but we are SO glad he branched out into the pop scene because the world wouldn't be the same without his anthemic tracks.

Listen if you LOVE:  "End of the Day", "Story Of My Life"


5. Jared Dylan

Why Jared? If all of the ups and downs of 1D have been weighing down on you, you're going to need a little pick me up. Jared Dylan's "Symphony" will do it.

Listen if you LOVE:  "History", "Girl Almighty"


6. Charlie Puth

Why Charlie? Ok, so Charlie has been EVERYWHERE lately, and chances are you're already obsessed, but we cannot stress enough how perfect his voice is and how much you should listen to him every chance you get.

Listen if you LOVE:  "Little Things", "If I Could Fly"


7. Gallant

Why Gallant? Gallant's R&B style is a bit different from the typical 1D track, but you MUST pay attention to his lyrics. It won't be long before you find out he knows you just as well as One Direction ever did.

Listen if you LOVE:  "Drag Me Down", "Stockholm Syndrome"


8. Conrad Sewell

Why Conrad? Conrad's voice!!!!! Plus, the last time we chatted with him, he told us he had "Perfect" stuck in his head through the entire interview.

Listen if you LOVE:  "Steal My Girl", "Infinity"


9. James Bay

Why James? If you just need some time to wallow in your sadness about One Direction's breakup, may we recommend James Bay's "Let It Go"?

Listen if you LOVE:  "Love You Goodbye", "They Don't Know About Us"


10. Hey Violet

Why Hey Violet? We need more amazing ensembles in our lives! Hey Violet's pop-punk sound will win you over in a single song.

Listen if you LOVE:  "Temporary Fix", "Live While We're Young"


11. Jacob Whitesides

Why Jacob? Jacob was just getting started when Liam Payne retweeted Jacob's guitar cover of "One Thing." He was recently Radio Disney's NBT, and we like to think that One Direction are partially responsible.

Listen if you LOVE:  "I Want To Write You A Song", "Rock Me"


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