14 Things Dogs Can Do Better Than You

Unless you're a major cat person, there's nothing better than watching dogs being the cutest things ever. But dogs aren't just about the "awwwww" factor! Dogs can be seriously talented. In fact, we think dogs can do these 14 things better than you!


1. This border collie could beat you at ping pong.


2. This dog is just tucking a baby into bed like it's NBD.


3. Have you come up with such a creative way to overcome your weird phobia? Didn't think so.


4. This little one is 1000x more photogenic than we will ever be! ?


5. And we can only dream of having surfing doggy's sense of balance.


6. Is Uber hiring dogs yet?


7. We want Halo to reveal all of his pool secrets to us. He definitely knows his angles!


8. This rhythm is spot-on.


9. So technically Norman the dog is riding a tricycle, and you can PROBABLY ride a bike, but we're not any less impressed. ?


10. These dogs are master jumpers, know the value of teamwork AND have a Guinness World Record to their names. Beat that!


11. Petey keeps this volley going for way longer than we ever could.


12. He's an accidental Stephen Curry! ?


13. We're pretty positive Jumpy is some kind of canine superhero.


14. And at the end of the day, Pancho, the chihuahua yogi, knows how to destress better than we ever will.


Now that you're an expert on these skillful pups, it's time to test your own skill in matching celebrity dogs with their owners. Click here if you're up to the challenge!