12 Times Taylor Swift Proved She Was A Grammy Goddess

Taylor Swift may not have taken home any awards last night, but she was still the biggest winner of the night in our hearts. In case you still don't believe us, we've compiled a list of 12 times Taylor Swift was an absolute goddess at the Grammys.

12Times Taylor Swift Proved She Was a Grammy Goddess at 57th annual Grammys

1. Without a doubt, Taylor was one of the best dressed at the show last night. In an ombre turquoise dress by Elie Saab, she wore the mermaid look to perfection.

Taylor's unbeatable turquoise Elie  Saab dress at the 57th Grammys

(via MTV)

2. And those Lauren Schwartz earrings and Giuseppe Zanetti shoes? Flawless.

Taylor Swift's perfect Lauren Schwartz earrings

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3. Despite all her success, so far, Taylor can't deal with the idea that Madonna loves her music.

Taylor can't even believe that Madonna loves her music at the Grammys

"Stop. I'll pass out!" she told Access Hollywood. "You can't be lying. I've been so scared to meet her because it means so much to me."

4. But Taylor did seem to manage to hold her composure actually posing for this photo with the original queen of pop!

Taylor poses for a photo with Madonna at the 57th Grammys

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5. Taylor Swift didn't win in the "Best New Artist" category when she was nominated back in 2008, so she was pretty confident when she said that those who didn't win would be alright. Her words of advice? Just to "Shake It Off."

Taylor Swift urges those who don't win just to "Shake It Off" at the Grammys

6. Taylor's pretty much psychic. Told she'd probably take a bunch of new awards home that night, Taylor simply replied "I think it's Sam's year, to be honest." As predicted, Sam won Record Of the Year, Song Of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best New Artist.

Taylor Swift predicts Sam Smith's 4 Grammy wins

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7. Plus, she held absolutely no grudges against Sam for nabbing Song Of the Year with "Stay With Me" over her song, "Shake It Off" She knows she doesn't have to win to be queen.

Taylor Swift and Sam Smith are BFFs regardless of who wins what

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8. Taylor knows how to lose gracefully. We love how excited she was for Pharrell and his big win in the Best Pop Solo Performance, even when she was up for the same award

Taylor Swift is SO excited for Pharrell's big win

9. Taylor showed off her iconic dancing throughout pretty much every performance of the night. When she owns her slightly dorky moves with total confidence it makes us love her even more.

Taylor Swift's impeccably dorky dancing

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10. Taylor really dances like no one's watching. Even if Pharrell is watching and possibly silently judging her.

Pharrell gives Taylor the side eye at the Grammys

(via The Mirror)

11. Taylor Swift didn't perform onstage last night, but she did maneuver her way into the perfect photobomb.

Taylor's perfect red carpet photo bomb

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12. Last but not least, Taylor seems to have totally forgiven Kanye West since the whole "Imma Let You Finish" incident back at the 2013 VMAs. The two seemed super friendly at the awards last night. Maybe an incredible collaboration is in their near future?

Kanye West and Taylor Swift reunite at the Grammys

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