Here's Everything You Need to Know About 13 Reasons Why Actor Jan Luis Castellanos

Jan Luis Castellanos won our hearts as Topher in Marvel'Runaways, and we couldn't be more excited that he's joining the next season of 13 Reasons Why.

He's someone we need to see more of on our TV screens. If you feel exactly the same way, you'll probably want to keep reading to discover everything you've ever wanted to know about the actor.

Jan Luis Castellanos Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Bobby Quillard)

Name: Jan Luis Castellanos

Hometown: Secaucus, New Jersey

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. Jan Luis is a huge fan of the Broadway musical Jersey Boys.

"I know every word. To be quite honest, it's how I found my passion for performing. I fell in love with the adrenaline of being on stage and it inspired me to join the theater—where the magic happens."

-Jan Luis Castellanos

2. He has a well-thought-out plan for if he ever gets trapped on a desert island.

"I'd bring a saxophone. I just love the sound. It's very… soothing. I'm sure learning how to play it will help distract me from the fact that I'll be on a desert island. I'd also bring a fishing net. I mean, everybody's gotta eat, right? I would bring one that I could use as a hammock and a fishing net, so I can sleep and eat well. And can't forget bug spray—just can't. I don't want any bugs killing my vibe."

-Jan Luis Castellanos

3. After a tough day, he likes unwinding by reading, playing guitar and playing Xbox.

4. Beginning his acting career in Hollywood was the biggest risk he ever took.

"I practically ran away from home when I moved to L.A. to become an actor with $56 to my name. It's crazy what can happen in just under two years when you have your back against the wall. I'd take that risk over and over again."

-Jan Luis Castellanos

5. Red is his favorite color.

"For me, it's a call for action. There was a time in my life where I felt really lazy and wanted to give up on my dreams. Red always reminded me to keep moving, and it still does."

-Jan Luis Castellanos


(Photo credit: Bobby Quillard)

6. If Jan Luis got his hands on a time machine, he'd be a pretty busy guy.

"I have a thing for The Roaring '20s—the glamour, music, movies, tremendous economic growth and just pure prosperity. Maybe I'd grab dinner with a young Frank Sinatra before he's Frank Sinatra. Who knows. I'd also love to relive the 2010s, a time for innovation, and so many opportunities everywhere. It's hard to overlook if you think about it. If we knew what we know now, 10 years ago, I can't help but think what I would do differently."

-Jan Luis Castellanos

7. His go-to pizza order is a Margherita pizza with pepperoni on half.

8. The Lion King always makes him cry.

"It gets me every time. Maybe because I have a thing for lions, I don't know. I feel like crying now just talking about it."

-Jan Luis Castellanos


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