13 Stars Who Love Pizza Even More Than You Do

February 9 is National Pizza Day and we're pretty sure there isn't a single person on earth who won't be celebrating, because who can resist pizza? Certainly not these 13 stars, who were caught on camera displaying their undying love for this ultimate food.

13 Stars Who Love Pizza Even More Than You: Peyton List, Bridgit Mendler, Rowan Blanchard, G Hannelius, Bella thorne, Austin Mahone, Debby Ryan, Kira Kosarin, Taylor Swift, Bethany Mota, Jennifer Lawrence, Shailene Woodley and Zendaya

1. Peyton List and her friend look slightly disappointed. The only explanation? That this massive pizza isn't big enough for the two of them.

Peyton List and a friend think this giant pizza is not enough

(via Twitter)

2. When Bridgit Mendler visited Tulsa, she decided to try out a local delicacy: scorpion, worm and cricket pizza.

Bridgit Mendler eats scorpion, cricket and worm pizza in Tulsa

(via Instagram)

3. Nutella is amazing. Pizza is amazing. Rowan Blanchard's nutella pizza is something we can only dream of.

Rowan Blanchard's scrumptious nutella pizza

(via Twitter)

4. Sometimes the simplest things are the best things, like this yummy looking pepperoni pizza G Hannelius enjoyed with an iced tea.

G Hannelius eats a delicious looking pepperoni pizza

(via Instagram)

5. As part of her Candie's ad campaign, Bella Thorne revealed that pizza is one of her favorite things in the world.

One of Bella Thorne's favorite things is pizza

6. Austin Mahone is a well-known pizza fanatic. In addition to owning pizza socks, he also frequently shares photos of his latest pizza meal. He even spent a day at Pizza Hut  to get the inside scoop on making his favorite food.

Austin Mahone is the ultimate pizza lover

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7. Debby Ryan seems a bit intimidated by this massive cheese pizza, but we're sure she survived the tasty ordeal.

Debby Ryan cowers next to a massive cheese pizza

(via Instagram)

8. Kira Kosarin showed off the before and after of her delicious homemade pizza. We'll be the first in line when she opens up her own pizzeria. 

Before and After: Kira Kosarin's homemade pizza

(via Instagram)

9. Taylor Swift knows that pizza is even better when shared. As fans waiting, freezing in line, Taylor brought them 10 steaming hot pizzas to help them warm up.

Taylor Swift delivers pizzas to waiting fans

(via Just Jared Jr.)

10. Bethany Mota showed off her pizza love with a delicious looking graphic tee.

Bethany Mota rocks a graphic pizza tee

(via Twitter)

11. Jennifer Lawrence knows how to enjoy pizza even dressed in her Oscars best.

Jennifer Lawrence eats pizza in a red gown at the Oscars next to Bradley Cooper

(via Ego)

12. Shailene Woodley looks ready to devour this entire pizza.

Shailene Woodley pretends to eat a giant pizza

(via Instagram)

13. Zendaya goes makeup free and enjoys a slice of pizza on her day off, even when she realizes she's probably being watched.

Zendaya eats pizza on her day off, wearing no makeup!

(via E Celebs)

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