EVERYTHING We Know So Far About the 13th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

On the first day of San Diego Comic-Con 2018 at BBC America'Doctor Who panel, the 13th Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker, and her new companions made their very first public appearance together.

While we didn't get a ton of concrete, official information about the show—that cast and crew just love to tease the fans—we did get out first glimpse at the new Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, which is basically a magically scientific key to the universe.

Here's everything we know about it so far.

This Sonic Screwdriver Is All 13's Own

It's clear based on the appearance that the 13th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver won't follow the same old, straightforward design of the last few Doctor's Sonic Screwdrivers. It'll also be acquired in a new way, with a real story behind it, as teased by Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall during the panel.

"There's a very specific way that the Doctor comes by this Sonic Screwdriver."

-Chris Chibnall

Comic-Con 2018: Jodie Whittaker holds up Sonic Screwdriver next to Tosin Cole at Doctor Who panel

(Photo credit: Amanda McArthur)

It Was Designed by a Pro

This Sonic Screwdriver looks unlike anything we've seen from Doctor Who before, and that's thanks to the show's new production designer, Arwel Jones. Before this, he also worked on Doctor Who spin-offs The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood, as well as Sherlock.

Comic-Con 2018: Jodie Whittaker shows off Sonic Screwdriver at Doctor Who panel

(Photo credit: Amanda McArthur)

We'll Get to Find Out What It's Made Of

As far as we know, we've never gotten any insight into what the Sonic Screwdriver is made out of—but that's about to change. Chris Chibnall hinted that we're going to find out what makes up the screwdriver very quickly in Jodie Whittaker's time as the Doctor.

"It's made out of some interesting components, which you'll find out about in episode one."

-Chris Chibnall

Comic-Con 2018: Jodie Whittaker holds up Sonic Screwdriver shape at Doctor Who panel

(Photo credit: Amanda McArthur)

It Has the Same Classic Sonic Screwdriver Sound

Though the appearance of the Sonic Screwdriver has gotten a major overhaul, one thing is staying the same—and it's the classic sound the Sonic Screwdriver makes.

Though we didn't get to see it in action onscreen, Jodie did make sure to demonstrate the replica's sound effects for us by holding it up close to her mic, giving an auditorium full of fans instant goosebumps.


Comic-Con 2018: Jodie Whittaker plays Sonic Screwdriver sound at Doctor Who Panel

(Photo credit: Amanda McArthur)

You Can Get One of Your Own

Replicas of the 13th Doctor's Sonic Screwdrivers are available to buy on the Comic-Con show floor, but if you're not lucky enough to be there yourself, there's still hope.

Starting Wednesday, July 25, they'll be available to order online at Hot Topic at THIS link.

Hot Topic: the 13th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

(via Hot Topic)


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