17 Epic Pics Of Kids' Choice Awards Celebrity Slimings

The 2015 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards are coming on March 28, 2015. Since the KCAs are all about slime, we're prepping by commemorating our favorite celebrity slime moments from the past two KCAs. 

Kids Choice Awards: 17 Epic Sweety High Slimings

1. Sweety High host Alex Schiffman gets slimed before the 2014 KCAs

Sweety High host Alex Schiffman gets slimed before the 2014 KCAs

We asked the stars what color slime they'd dream of getting slimed with…

2. G Hannelius picks pink slime to match her hot pink shade of lipstick

G Hannelius hot pink slime KCAs

3. Dylan Riley Snyder thinks purple slime would be "epic"

Dylan Riley Snyder gets purple slime at KCAs

4. Drew Chadwick wishes he could get doused with glitter slime

Drew Chadwick gets slimed with glitter at KCAs

5. Todrick Hall dreams of turquoise slime

Todrick Hall coated in turquoise slime

6. Blake Michael would like to be smothered in red, edible Skittles-flavored slime

Blake Michael's red Skittles-flavored slime at KCAs

7. Jake Short would like to swim in baby blue slime. He says it would make his eyes look fantastic

Jake Short's baby blue slime at KCAs

8. Jack Griffo chooses pink slime in honor of the ladies

Jack Griffo pink slime at KCAs

9. Kel Mitchell's slime look would be orange, inspired by his favorite orange soda.

Kel Mitchell's orange soda slime at KCAs

The stars also gave us their unforgettable pretend reactions to getting slimed

10. Olivia Holt shrieks in terror

Olivia Holt reacts to getting slimed at KCAs

11. Midnight Red get the surprise of their lives

Midnight Red reacts to getting slimed at KCAs

12. Amandla Stenberg recoils in disgust

Amandla Stenberg reacts to getting slimed at KCAs

13. Caroline Sunshine is revolted

Caroline Sunshine reacts to getting slimed at KCAs

14. Peyton List laughs at her twin brother, Spencer as he's attacked by a torrent of slime

Peyton and Spencer List react to getting slimed at KCAs

15. Kendall Schmidt wipes the slime from his eyes as it comes down

Kendall Schmidt reacts to getting slimed at KCAs

16. As R5's  Rydel Lynch and Ellington Ratliff celebrate the slime experience, Rocky and Riker are grossed out. Ross seems unfazed by the experience.

R5 reacts to getting slimed at KCAs

17. Kira Kosarin cringes as the thought of getting covered in chilly slime

Kira Kosarin reacts to getting slimed at KCAs

How would you react to getting slimed? Check out our exclusive footage, let us know in the comments below, and be sure to tune in to the KCAs next month and join our community at Sweety High.