17 Things to Know About Seventeen's New Semicolon EP

K-pop band Seventeen is absolutely taking over the world at the moment, and even a pandemic can't stop their incredible momentum as superstars.

Today, Oct. 19, they released (or Semicolon) their latest stunning EP that acts as a showcase of everything this incredible group can do in the face of adversity. Their talents are unmatched, and here are 17 things you need to know about Semicolon to celebrate.

1. The Semicolon title is significant for a number of reasons. For one, this punctuation mark is about joining two equally important clauses together—just like this EP is thematically joined to the band's last release, Heng:garæ, which was their seventh EP.

Seventeen semicolon album cover

(Semicolon via PLEDIS Entertainment)

2. The semicolon symbolism also feels significant at this point in human history. According to a press release, "the semicolon represents a brief pause and moment to take a breath, exchanging laughter with one another even amidst the hardships of the generation." That sounds like a message we can all take in right now.

3. Semicolon releases only four months after Heng:garæ, showing just how busy and dedicated the boys have been, in spite of everything. In fact, since they formed in 2015, they've released three full-length albums and eight EPs. We're not sure that anyone in the biz works harder.

4. The semicolon also represents a break in the middle of a sentence, and this new EP similarly shares the message that it's okay to need a break from the difficulties of life from time to time. In fact, "Let's take a break and enjoy the feast of youth," is one of the messages the band hopes to share with it.

5. As with their previous musical releases, the songs on Semicolon feature unique combinations of the band's 13 members. While the band is split up into three units, they're mixed and match on these great tracks to bring the best out of them and create the most dynamic track possible. Their hip-hop unit consists of S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon, while their vocal unit is made up of Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK and Seungkwan. Lastly, their performance unit includes Jun, Hoshi, The8 and Dino.

Seventeen desert photoshoot

(Photo credit: PLEDIS Entertainment)

6. There's a reason these talented guys are known as the "self-producing idols," because they did this entire album themselves. They worked together as an incredible team to put these tracks together, and that includes everything from the writing and recording to the bold and memorable choreography that goes with each track.

7. On Oct. 12, the band released a highlight medley teasing the song's six tracks, and it's already had more than a million hits. It's safe to say that this has been one highly anticipated EP.

8. The title track of Semicolon is a riveting, swing-inspired track called "Home;Run." It features strong brass sounds, jazz piano and a snapping beat and combines them with classic K-pop sounds to create something new and innovative that you can also dance to.

9. Appropriately, "Home;Run" even features a titular semicolon in its title, which is quite apt. It's a song about being young and passionate about the world, which also supports the EP's themes.

10. "Home;Run" also got its own incredible music video on the day of the album drop today, and it's everything we could have hoped it to be. The song's snappy, jazzy sound is perfectly brought to life with the choreography and backdrop of the vid.

11. "Do Re Mi" is the second song on the EP, and was written by Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino. It's a catchy song about simplicity and sticking to the basics, and how sometimes taking it easy is an act of self-care.

12. The third track, "Hey Buddy," features The8, Mingyu and DK. Like the song suggests, it's a song about friendships and the people we meet in our youth that make life worth living. It's also full of vibrant and fun brass sounds that send the message home.

Seventeen White Room photo

(Photo credit: PLEDIS Entertainment)

13. With its old school bossa nova sound, the fourth track, "Light a Flame" features the talents of Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo and Woozi. It's a love song at its core, and is about the emotional highs and lows of being in a relationship. We love the way this track features different voices from different units, which all work together with perfect unity.

14. Semicolon's fifth track, "Ah! Love," is a lovely R&B classic for the ages. In this track, S.Coups raps over Jeonghan and Joshua's incredible flowing voices. It's all about being ready to fall in love, and believing you've found exactly the right person to give your heart to.

15. The sixth and final track, "All My Love," is exactly what you'd expect to close this epic EP, featuring the fabulous voices of all 13 members of Seventeen. It's an exciting, inspiring and dramatic thank you letter to every fan who's been there to support them along the way, as well as a wish for all to live a happy and fulfilling life.

16. While it's clear that Seventeen had the idea of love on their minds with this EP (it's in two of the six track names, after all) it's even more apparent when you listen to the content of each song. At the end of the day, every track on Semicolon is a love letter of sorts.

17. Seventeen calls the messages within Semicolon, "Hope in the midst of darkness." We think that's as sweet and inspiring as it is totally spot-on, and we think it's exactly the type of thing that many of us need to hear right now.


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