These #Throwback Group Pics of 1D Will Give You Life!

As fans of One Direction, there is nothing we adore more than seeing a new group pic of the guys being reblogged onto our feed. And as the guys are about to embark on their hiatus in a few months, there is no better time than now to look at the most iconic group photos of 1D's past and present. You'll definitely need to grab some tissues before you scroll through our list!

This was THE FIRST group pic ever taken after One Direction was gloriously formed on The X Factor. AND THE TEARS STREAM DOWN OUR FACE!!!!

Remember when they tried to look like tough guys for their opening reel on The X Factor, but they just looked like the most precious little beans on the entire planet?!?!?!

Those pants!? WHAT ARE THOSE?

And here we have the birth of the classic outfits from the Up All Night era. RIP in peace!

Excuse this poor joke, but they just light up our worlds like nobody else!☀️

Seeing them at the 2012 Brit Awards was only the beginning of us being emotional wrecks over their coordinated red carpet looks.

Their Wonderland cover is honestly the reason we are able to breathe. Puppies holding puppies, so casual.

We came out to have a good time and we're honestly feeling so attacked right now!

We were blessed with this magnificent pic from their 2013 Tokyo trip!?

Moment of silence for their first group selfie

This was their first ~official~ photo without Zayn and we still can't even deal.?

This technically isn't that much of a throwback, but their single art for "Perfect" is actually perfect.



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