2014 Spring Fashion Trends With Sweety High!

Spring has sprung, and one of our favorite parts of spring is fresh, bold styles to try out! That's why we've compiled a short list of our favorite 2014 spring fashion favorites!2014 Spring Fashion Trends

For us, this fashion season is not so much about specific pieces or silhouettes, but about color choices, textures and patterns! Check out our list below, and show us your own spring style in our #SweetOOTD contest. Check out details here!

1. Shimmery metallics

We are obsessed with metallic textures this season! We especially love pieces that change in the light, with just the right amount of sparkle and shine.

Iridescence is the word! If you can find an awesome skirt, coat or dress with just the right mercurial glow, make sure you snatch it up!

2. Pastels

Pastels are generally big in the spring, but this year fashionistas are going even bigger and bolder with their choices!

To rock the look, combine a number of pale and bright spring colors to your heart's content!

3. Black & white

Black and white is always in, but you can embody this spring style with blocky black and white patterns! Whether the patterns are tiled, striped or something in between, it's perfect for celebrating your inner yin and yang!

For even more fashion flair, you can pair striking black and white patterns with colorful shoes and accessories!

4. Realistic florals

Florals are a predictable spring staple, but this year, drop simple and cartoony flower patterns for sophisticated representations of realistic bouquets.

The more your flower print looks like the real thing, the more you will exemplify this spring style!

5. Rose gold & black

Few color combinations are more refined than black and a glimmering rose gold, and we

think they're the perfect pair for an elegant look this spring!

While it might be tough to find the two tones on the same article, you can always mix and match rose gold and black separates, or glam up an all-black outfit with rose gold jewelry!

What did your think of our list? Don't forget that you can show us your own spring style in our #SweetOOTD contest here, and share even more of your favorite fashions with us at SweetyHigh.com!

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