You Won't Believe These New Dictionary Words! (One Is Clickbait)

Feeling totally validated after some of our favorite things officially became words this month, thanks to and Merriam-Webster. If you're not up to date with the latest proper lingo, we've got some definitions and examples to get you caught up!

photobomb (v.)

Definition: To enter the frame of someone else's photo at the last second, often either ruining the pic or making it way better than it would have been.

Example: Jennifer Lawrence photobombed Taylor Swift and it was AMAZING.

jennifer lawrence photobombing taylor swift while being interviewed by ryan seacrest

(via The Daily Mail)

emoji (n.)

Definition: Cute little images you can insert into your texts for clarity, fun, or to ditch words altogether.


emoji example

click bait (n.)

Definition: When a link's title totally catches your attention and begs you to click, but the article isn't necessarily what you thought once you get there.

Example: This article about Zayn returning to One Direction was just clickbait linking to some other boyband.

one direction zayn malik clickbait

(via MTV)

ship (v.)

Definition: To fully invest yourself in a romantic relationship between two other people, real or otherwise.

Example: We will go down with the Ross+Laura ship.

ross lynch and laura marano ship

(via Disney Dreaming)

meme (n.)

Definition: An idea, activity, image, video or gif that makes its way from one edge of the internet to the other. Image memes usually consist of an image with corresponding text (in the Impact font) at the top and bottom, at highly varying levels of funny. 


demi lovato give your heart a break heart attack meme

(via Quick Meme)

jeggings (n.)

Definition: They look like jeans, but they're leggings! 

Example: When Queen Bey was spotted in a pair of comfy jeggings they officially became a thing.

beyonce wearing jeggings

(via The Sun)

macaron (n.)

Definition: A delicious type of cookie made of two discs with some kind of sweet filling that's also super cute (and not a macaroon!)

Example: Macarons are so adorable that Ariana Grande wore them on her dress at the Teen Choice Awards

ariana grande teen choice awards macaron dress

(via (WhereToGetIt)

upcycle (v.)

Definition: Taking your old, ordinary objects and recycling them into something wonderful and unexpected

Example: Bethany Mota is an upcycling master who can turn junk into the cutest stuff ever.

Which of your favorite words still need to be legitimized? Tell us in the comments!