Which Song Do You Think Is 2016's Best Anthem? Cast Your RDMA Vote!

"Cake By The Ocean" (DNCE), "Eyes Wide Open" (Sabrina Carpenter), "Confident" (Demi Lovato), and "Honey I'm Good" (Andy Grammer) are (not surprisingly) the Radio Disney Music Award nominees in the That's My Jam – Best Anthem category this year. Do you already know which one of your jams you'll be voting for?! If you do, make sure to cast your vote HERE. If not, NBD, we'll make it easier on you by giving you the most important reasons why each song should get your vote!

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"Cake By The Ocean"

ICYMI, start by watching the sweet ? music video:

In love? We though so.

1. Because Joe Jonas' voice (and just Joe Jonas in general) is beyond perfect and beautiful. Enough said.

2. Because this song is undeniably the perfect mix of funk and pop. It's also the ~ultimate~ song to sing to with the window's down and the radio blasting (you know you're guilty?).


"Eyes Wide Open"

Next up: Sabrina Carpenter! You're going to want to listen to this:

AMAZING, huh?! Why you ask?

1. Because this song is actually perfect to lip sync to while getting ready. And you're totally ok with pushing repeat a few more times than you'd like to admit.

2. And, most importantly, because the lyrics are powerful and authentic. What more could you ask for❤️?



If you haven't already heard this song (and listened to it at least a billion times), do yourself a favor and start NOW:

Is this song not everything?? Correct us if we're wrong.

1. Because it's another perfect example of Demi's fierce and unafraid attitude. Can you say GIRL POWER?

2. And, obviously, because the music video leaves you with chills! Demi's ability to literally kick butt gives us the confidence to know we can too.


"Honey I'm Good"

We know just how good Andy Grammer is, but do you? Take a listen!

Do we even have to explain why we love this song/him?!

1. Because there is absolutely, positively no way you can make it through this entire song without tapping your feet or, better yet, getting up and dancing.

2. Because Andy is not so hard on the eyes, and um, hello, he sounds AMAZING live. ?



Did we make it any easier on you?? Make sure to cast your official vote HERE. And then let your fellow Sweetyz know who you are voting for below: