My 4 Favorite Things About Attending the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards

I've been a fan of Radio Disney for as long as I can remember.

I loved jamming out to my favorite tunes and hearing the latest updates about my beloved Disney stars all through middle school and high school, so when I got the chance to attend the Radio Disney Music Awards this year, I was more than excited.

And the event totally surpassed all my expectations. Keep scrolling to find out everything I loved about attending the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards.

1. The Chance to Know Everything First

Honestly, who doesn't love knowing big information before everyone else? Attending the awards in person meant that I got to see all the winners and experience all the performances before everyone else in the entire world. By now, you've probably watched the show yourself, but getting the chance to know everything first was oddly satisfying.

Radio Disney Music Awards Stage


2. The Environment

The RDMA are all about family, so the Dolby Theater in Hollywood was filled with parents and kids bonding and having so much fun watching their fave stars do their thing. It was such a happy environment, and you could just tell that everyone who was there was truly excited to be part of this experience.


3. The Awards

The RDMA are focused on positivity and love, so watching some of my fave stars get recognized for their accomplishments was so cool. Whether it was watching the BTS Army and the Selenators battle it out for the Fiercest Fans awards or waiting in anticipation for Tegan Marie and Mason Ramsey to announce the top up-and-coming country artist, the awards and acceptance speeches are definitely a major highlight of attending the event.

Being there in person also allowed me to get a better idea for the emotions and excitement of the winners than I've ever been able to grasp through the TV screen. It was the first time I was able to realize how much these awards mean to everyone, and it was an awesome chance to celebrate some truly amazing and talented people.

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4. The Performances

Obviously the best part about attending the RDMA was the performances. It was like attending a concert, but instead of being limited to a single artist, I got to see a bunch of my favorite stars perform their top hits one right after another. Maddie Poppe, Charlie Puth, Marshmello, Kelly Clarkson, Echosmith and Carrie Underwood all performed within the span of a couple hours. Beyond everything else, seeing some of my favorite tunes being performed in person by the top stars in entertainment was incredible. It's definitely an experience I'll remember for the rest of my life.

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