Another year, another set of crazy beauty trends.

The internet never ceases to amaze us with their creative, crafty and downright weird beauty fads. Below, we’ve put together our list of 2018’s oddest beauty trends. Would you be daring enough to try them?

Tooth Nails

Why?!” is the only word that comes to mind with the horrific tooth nails trend. Believe it or not, this wasn’t a one-off thing either. Around May of this year, tooth nails started popping up all over the ‘gram. Needless to say, they snagged the top spot for the weirdest beauty trend of the year.

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Corkscrew Nails

Coming in at a close second are corkscrew nails, which are simultaneously extremely peculiar and impractical. How would one text, type or put in a contact lens? This is a look we’re fine leaving behind in 2018.

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Halo Brows

This look is Frida Kahlo on Opposite Day. That’s the name of the game for halo brows, which were oddly popular this year. This look is as tricky to create as it is to pull off.


Garden Eyebrows

Pretty, romantic flowers fit for a garden made their way onto eyebrows this year. We have to admit, these can be totally gorgeous and fun for an editorial, photoshoot or festival, but we prob wouldn’t spend the time gluing flowers to our brows on the reg.

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Nude Eyelashes

From Fenty’s super inclusive range of foundations, to taupey monochromatic clothes and KKW’s cult-worthy nude lippies, nude hues dominated this year. But nude eyelashes? We’re still not sure about them. While these could look really cool with the right look, in all likelihood we’re passing on these barely-there lashes.

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Split Eyebrows

One way to mess up perfect brows? Splitting them! This bizarre trend started over in the Middle East and was made popular by mega beauty blogger Huda Kattan. Would you split your brows?


Rainbow Roots

Full rainbow manes were so 2017. But rainbow roots? Definitely a new 2018 trend.  This look is sure to get you noticed, but we have to wonder if it’s worth all of the work to just have color on half of your hair.


Hanacure Mask

This is the “old” mask that took Instagram by storm. The Hanacure mask claims to reveal soft, smooth skin—but to get there, one must apply the mask, which transforms the wearer into an elderly looking person. It’s pretty hilarious and actually very effective, so we’re all about it.

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Jelly Highlighter

You’ve heard of powder highlighter and cream highlighter, and we can thank 2018 for introducing us to jelly highlighter. Farsali created the insane jelly highlighter that looks like soup and goes on like silk. We’ll never highlight the same again.


Yellow Eyeshadow

The color of the year was yellow, hands down. From marigold to butter, canary to lemon, yellow tones dominated everything from fashion and accessories to makeup and interiors. We’re obsessed with yellow shadow and fully plan on bringing this color into the new year with us.

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