Get Organized in 2020 With One of These 3 Amazing Planners

It's pretty wild that we're about to enter an entirely new decade.

As we ring in 2020 and make New Year's resolutions, it's pretty safe to say we could all do with a bit more organization. And what better way to do that than with a planner?

Get organized in 2020 with one of these three amazing planners.

1. Printfresh Velvet Weekly Agenda: $34

The modern, trendy, edgy girl will fall in love with this cute agenda notebook from Printfresh. Featuring stunning shades of blush and gold on the outside, it's definitely worthy of Instagram. Plus, the inside is super systematic, so you'll be sure to get all your to-dos done!

2020 planner

(via Printfresh)


2. Savor Life Planner: $29.95 

Perfect for those who need to master their time management skills, Savor Life's planners cover 90 days at a time. It's actually been proven that it's easier to reach your goals by splitting them up into small steps. Definitely give this a try if you're planning on making big changes in 2020!

2020 planner

(via Savor Life)


3. Valfre Gal With a Plan 2020: $28

If you're looking to make a statement with the planner you choose to use for all of 2020, look no further. Valfre created an enigmatic, daring and colorful planner with dreamers in mind. Featuring artwork, stickers, note space and more, this bad boy will keep you organized throughout the year.

2020 planner

(via Valfre)


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