5 Trends From This Year to Bring Into 2022

Is it really almost 2022 already?

While it may feel like we just (happily) wished 2020 goodbye (like, yesterday), there's quite a bit to look forward to in the new year! One thing to look forward to is new trends when it comes to beauty and fashion—but that doesn't mean we need to leave all of our favorites from this year behind, either. So, while there are plenty of 2021 trends we won't be missing next year, here are a few worth continuing in 2022:

1. Mom Jeans

While this year wasn't the first time mom jeans became popular (they did rise to popularity decades ago, after all), they've really been having a moment in 2021. After all, who doesn't remember the great millennial skinny jeans vs. Gen Z mom jeans debate of earlier this year (both are great and deserving of a place in your wardrobe, by the way)? Mom jeans are cute, comfortable and can be dressed up or down, making them the kind of trend we're ready to see live on in the new year.

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2. Tiny Tops

The perfect complement to mom jeans is, of course, the tiny top. Sure, crop tops have been around for a while now, but the new title of "tiny tops" just makes them seem all the better. Pick up a few with different necklines, lengths and colors to switch things up throughout the seasons, and pair with your favorite high-waisted bottoms for a look that's as timeless as it is trendy.


3. Bold Colors

We love an all-black, monochromatic moment as much as the next girl, but the bold, bright colors that came about in 2021 just brought about a bit of happiness in an otherwise sometimes bleak fashion world. That doesn't mean we need to carry on with the color clashes that often dominated our feeds, nor the garish neons and other unflattering hues, but a pop of color is never a bad thing for brightening up a look (and your spirits!).

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4. Layered Accessories

Who didn't wear at least three gold necklaces at once at some point in 2021? Layered accessories—whether that be necklaces, rings or bracelets—are a way to dress up an otherwise lackluster outfit and generally add a touch of personality to any look. The thing to note is that while the plentiful accessories, in general, are a trend, that doesn't mean you have to pick the "trendiest" of accessories to layer (AKA, if "Y2K fashion" just isn't your thing, leave the candy beads and plastic rings behind and opt for something a little more your style).


5. Minimal Makeup

Maybe it was the fact that we were stuck inside for most of 2020 and spent much of that time becoming obsessed with skincare, but minimal, natural-ish makeup seemed to take over this year and we are loving it. Not only does this make your morning routine a bit easier (especially if you'll be covering half your face with a mask anyway), but it also lets your natural beauty shine and prevents any overplucked brows or other beauty faux pas of the past.

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With all this said, the trends that you take into 2022 are all up to you—besides, confidence is always the best accessory, and it can help you rock any trend at any time.

And now that it's winter, we get to rock a whole set of looks anyway! Ready to check out some fashion trends for winter 2021/2022? Click HERE to read about some of our ideas and set yourself up to dress for success in the new year.