2022 TikTok Trends We're Happy to Leave Behind in the New Year

We have TikTok to thank for many great things, from food trends to fashion trends and everything in between.

However, there were a few trends that cropped up in 2022 that we'd simply rather not see around next year. Without further ado, here are the 2022 TikTok trends we're happy to leave behind in 2023:

1. Extreme Food Trends

Seriously, why were people throwing things on their counters, trying to market vinegar and sparkling water as "healthy Coke" and creating massive meals that just look more like a ton of food waste than anything else? In 2023, we're ready to push past the shock value content and scroll along to the recipes that are actually worth our time watching.

@healthylittlepeach A healthy version of a coke🤯. Saw from @Amanda Jones #healthycoke #balsamicvinegar ♬ original sound – Mac


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2. Self-Diagnosing and Getting Health Advice From an Entertainment App

While it's good to be in tune with your body and aware of your health stats, 2022 seemed to be particularly big for getting people to believe that they needed to hop on phony health trends to get back on track. From ADHD to IBS, people were finding videos that made them think they had disorders that they likely don't have. Let's leave actual health advice to the professionals in 2023, okay?

@grace_is_growing Replying to @heartstopperiswhyiam #mentallyilltiktok #adhdtiktok #bpdtiktok #selfdiagnosed #selfdiagnosis ♬ original sound – maybe_its_fluoxetine


3. Pranks That Are Actually Just Cruel

A well-executed prank can be funny and leave both parties none the worse, but some of the "pranks" we saw on TikTok this year were just downright rude, obnoxious or worse. Let's put the cheating pranks and anything that makes someone else feel uncomfortable aside next year, please.

@theheartbreaks Its my COUSIN @d.iavion was mad #fyp #foryou #viral #prank #prankongirlfriend #prankonboyfriend #viralvideo ♬ original sound – TheHeartbreaks


4. Dating 'Tips' That No One Asked For

If you've spent long enough scrolling your For Your Page, you may have come across some sort of video involving a man telling women what they "shouldn't do" to attract men (to be fair, this could also be vice versa). Here's the thing, though: No one asked for these people's opinions. Even more so, these "tips" are far more hurtful than they are helpful, and often come from a place of misogyny and sexism. Let's hope we'll all feel a little more confident in blocking these creators and listening to our own instincts when it comes to dating in 2023.

@al.barokas Never do this when she ghosts you #datingtips #relationships #datingadviceformen #mensdatingadvice #love #datingcoach #dating #pickup #masculinity #datingcoachformen #attraction #mensdating #foryoupage #loveyou #firstdate #relationshipadvice #onlinedating #datingapp #datingadvice ♬ prolly my spookiest beat (slowed + reverb) – prodby668


5. Teasing the Watcher to Wait Around Until the End

We all know how the algorithm works by now, which means we've all about lost patience with creators that make us wait around or tease the ending of a video just to lead to a "like for Part 2" underwhelming ending just to improve their own stats. Let's all get to the good stuff and skip straight to the point next year, if we can.

@thecliffnotesgal Replying to @leahp__ 3 videos into 1 #creepy #trailrunning #cursedtiktoks #cursedfigures ♬ original sound – TheCliffnotesGal


6. Really Bad Fashion Trends

Plenty of TikTok fashion trends popped off in 2022, and there are some that we'd be happy to see stick around in 2023. On the other hand, there is a decent number that we wouldn't hate having to leave behind, like all the butterfly stuff, low-rise jeans, excessive Y2K fashion and other trends that just don't have enough lasting factor to remain in our closets next year.

@sajabuchanan Why am I like this 😭 #lowrisejeans #y2kaesthetic #sajablack ♬ original sound – Saja Monet

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