2022's Top Makeup Trends

2022 had some truly amazing moments, especially when it came to makeup.

From face gems to "I'm Cold" makeup and more, there were all sorts of trends we tried and loved. Feel like taking a walk down memory lane? Here are all of 2022's top makeup trends.

Clean Girl Makeup

Clean Girl Makeup was all of the rage this year. This type of makeup look focuses on a barely there base and a pop of mascara. Less is most definitely more when it comes to this trend!

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Face Gems

Face gems have become the norm in 2022—they're no longer reserved for music festivals and Euphoria-inspired looks. More and more, we've seen face gems come into everyday makeup looks, and we're in love.

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Laminated Brows

In order to achieve the laminated brow look, you don't actually have to get them professionally done. All you need is the right makeup product! We're big fans of the e.l.f. Brow Lift ($6) and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze ($23) products.


I'm Cold Makeup

Once fall and winter came around in 2022, "I'm Cold" makeup took over. This look channels what it looks like when you're actually cold: rosy cheeks! It's a fun and simple trend we loved playing around with.


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One type of blush just wasn't enough in 2022. This year we saw people over-blushing (in the best way). Layering creams, liquids and powders was the call.

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White Eyeliner

Thanks to Alix Earle, white eyeliner (in the bottom waterline) has become a huge trend in 2022. It makes eyes appear bigger and just gives off a fun and bright look.


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Glowy Base

Perhaps the biggest makeup trend in all of 2022 was glowy bases. From Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter ($46) to highlighters and more, anything that gave you a glowing from-within look was on trend this year.

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