2023's Best New Songs to Use for Instagram Story Selfies

What makes a great Instagram story even better? The perfect soundtrack.

And while a cute IG selfie without a backing track might get you all of the attention you're looking for, why risk it? Music improves absolutely everything, and in our humble opinions, the fresher and more specific the song is, the better. If you're hunting for the tune that will match your current look, vibe and mood—or just sound fantastic—keep scrolling for our favorite brand-new picks in 2023.

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Miley Cyrus'Flowers'

Basking in that special brand of post-breakup bliss? Miley Cyrus's "Flowers" perfectly captures the cool confidence of the moment you realize you can fully thrive on your own, and be way happier living the single life than you were with the wrong person.


The Kid LAROI'I Can't Go Back to the Way It Was'

Few songs capture angst and nostalgia quite like The Kid LAROI's "I Can't Go Back to the Way It Was." With its atmospheric, almost otherworldly instrumentation, it feels like attempting to wade into a space that can't be found, and its lyrics are perfect for those times you just wish you could go back to better days and relive the past.



Looking for a danceable, feel-good track to get the mood just right? HENRY's "Moonlight" is just the thing for lifting yourself up before going out, with a great beat, playful sound and a whistled melody we can't resist humming along to.


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Kim Petras'brrr'

Trying to catch the attention of that special someone? Kim Petras's "brrr" is pulse-poundingly intense with a sexy feel that'll get you feeling your most confident. If you're wild about someone and ready for them to know it, there's nothing better.



If you're sharing a selfie with the person you adore most in the world, rocco's "l-o-v-e" will feel like the perfect celebration of your love. With jazzy guitars and an undeniably romantic sound, it's the kind of straightforward and pure love song that feels like it was tailor-made for you.


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LULLANAS feat Luke Sital-Singh –  'Cheap Silver Lining'

There are times we can all overanalyze things to the point where it gets in the way of our happiness, and "Cheap Silver Lining" by LULLANAS and Luke Sital-Singh brings that sensation to life in the form of a gentle, folksy pop track. We probably relate to the chorus a bit too much.


Sydney Rose'tell him i miss him'

Whether there's someone you dearly miss or you just wish you could go back to a simpler time, Sydney Rose's heartachingly beautiful "tell him i miss him" just might bring a tear to your eye. It's yearning and melancholy, flawlessly capturing the feeling of wishing things were different.


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Restless Road'On My Way'

And for those journeys of self-improvement, there's Restless Road's "On My Way." With a sweet country tang, it's a song about recognizing your flaws while understanding that you're a work in progress, and that it's all getting a little bit better every day.


Mckenna Grace'Ugly Crier'

There's also no shame in acknowledging the messy, difficult parts of yourself that might never change, and Mckenna Grace's "Ugly Crier" addresses them with a combination of gentleness and pop-punk edge that instantly makes the song a favorite. Plus, if Mckenna feels like a loser, what hope do the rest of us have?


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Kami Kehoe – 'loaded gun'

With its lumbering, bass-heavy sound, the intro to Kami Kehoe's "loaded gun" is one of our favorites we've heard this year, and her crisp, powerful vocals only make the song even more memorable. It's an epic call-out on a toxic ex—and we all need more of those for our playlists.


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