22 Tom Holland Memes to Celebrate the Actor's 22nd Birthday

Stop everything: It's Tom Holland's birthday.

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One of our favorite MCU stars is celebrating his 22nd year of life, and we've thought of the best way to join him—memes!

Keep scrolling for 22 Tom Holland memes to celebrate the actor's 22nd birthday.

1. Still too soon for this joke:

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2. At least he's honest:


3. We love it and hate it at the same time:

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4. A very valid reason to pout:


5. Don't you dare talk about Tom that way:


6. Everything he does is perfect:


7. Why look for love when you can obsess over Tom Holland:


8. It's easy to imagine him as food when he already looks like a snack:

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9. We will never stop talking about him:


10. Okay fine we were looking at pictures of him. Sue us:


11. We'll just sip our tea quietly:


12. We're totally not stalking his Instagram or anything:


13. We would hate him if we didn't love him so much:


14. The worst feeling in the world:


15. Why you gotta ruin it like that, Mom?


16. We'll wait as long as it takes:


17. Willing to disappoint Cap for Tom:


18. If he's not Tom Holland it's not worth it:


19. Shall we go on?


20. Obviously he wouldn't marry anyone else:

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21. We feel this in our souls:


22. Fully convinced Tom can do anything:


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