25 Powerful Zendaya Quotes to Remember on the Star's 25th Birthday

We consider Zendaya a major inspiration. From her style and grace to her impeccable sense of humor, unfaltering confidence and immense talent, she just has it all.

She's also known for dropping sage wisdom pretty much every time she opens her mouth. To celebrate her 25th birthday today, we collected 25 of our favorite Zendaya quotes that convey messages you should remember every day of the year.

1. For embracing your own unique beauty:

"There is no such thing as ugly."

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2. For when your actions show your true character:

"I think the way we react to things is a big indicator of our character and what type of person we are."


3. For feeling perfectly yourself:

"If there's any definition to being perfect, you're perfect at being yourself."


4. For pushing yourself beyond self-imposed boundaries:

"Why limit yourself? I feel like I can do anything."


5. For when teamwork makes the dream work:

"I definitely enjoy working with people who can do their thing but also allow me to do my thing, you know? Who respect the process."


6. For celebrating the parents who made you who you are today:

"As I've gotten older, I've realized my true models are my parents. My mom is like a shero. My dad is so strong."

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7. For when you take that calculated risk:

"If you don't try things and take risks, you don't really grow and figure out what you want."


8. For accepting the power in being a woman:

"A feminist is a person who believes in the power of women just as much as they believe in the power of anyone else. It's equality, it's fairness, and I think it's a great thing to be a part of."


9. For flaunting your sense of style and originality:

"Fashion is a great thing. It's a way to express who you are."


10. For reminding the world to judge people by their character, not their looks, sexual orientation or anything else:

"Let's practice motivation and love, not discrimination and hate."


11. For when you're setting your own trends:

"What is cool today is not going to be cool tomorrow, and what wasn't cool yesterday is going to be cool tomorrow."

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12. For being the change you want to see in the world:

"I realized that if I don't like something, I can change it. If I don't feel comfortable with something, then I have a voice to say it's not cool."


13. For when you've really seen things through:

"Sticking with your vision and what you believe in is so, so important."


14. For proving that your age doesn't stop you from accomplishing huge things:

"Of course I've had a problem with people taking me seriously because of my age. People are always going do that because you're less experienced; you haven't lived as much."


15. For showcasing your own definition of pretty:

"Pretty is so boring now. There are so many different definitions of 'pretty.' It's so much broader than before. The old pretty is boring—nobody cares anymore."


16. For when your girlfriends boost you up like no one else:

"I think women are very powerful and I think we're more powerful together than separated."

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17. For finding your own sense of one-of-a-kind happiness:

"Find something that makes you happy and go for it."


18. For learning about your time to speak up:

"It's important to raise your voice in things you feel passionate about and things that you know about. Don't raise your voice just to raise your voice if you have nothing behind it and don't know what you're talking about."


19. For looking at the bright side of life:

"There are so many great things in life—why dwell on negativity?"


20. For when age has nothing to do with your capabilities:

"Age doesn't mean anything. Age doesn't mean I can't work as hard. Age doesn't mean I can't do as well as everyone else. It's just a factor. It's just there."


21. For when you're ignoring the doubters:

"I don't mind if people look at me like I'm crazy. I'm just being me."

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22. For believing in and lifting up your peers:

"My generation has the opportunity to change the world."


23. For when you're trying new things, even if they might not work out:

"The greatest of the greats wouldn't be the greatest of the greats if they didn't try stuff, you know what I mean?"


24. For not denying yourself what the body wants:

"I'm a chocolate addict."


25. For being a little more patient and caring with those just trying their best:

"Remember that we are all human beings trying to do what we love to do."


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