10 Memes You'll Only Find Relatable If You Have 3 Friends

It's not about the amount of friends you have, but rather the strength of your relationships, amirite?

Who are we kidding? Having very few close besties is kind of a struggle. Don't get us wrong, it has its benefits, but sometimes only having three BFFs causes more problems than it should.

If you literally have like two friends, we understand your pain—and so do the memes below. Keep scrolling to laugh (and maybe cry) at 10 memes you'll only relate to if you have three besties!

1. When our BFF isn't our BFF:


2. Fine, we'd rather hang out with our friend no one anyway:


3. Sorry we annoyed you with our friendship:


4. We can't stay mad at them for long, mainly because we don't have very many and don't want to be alone:


5. Not having classes together is rough:


6. We'll just sit here:


7. When they're all ignoring us:


8. We miss you:


9. No new friends:

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10. At the end of the day, quality over quantity:


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