3 More One Direction Albums by 2016?

One Direction are reported to have signed a record deal that's asking for at least 3 more One Direction albums in the next 3 years! That's definitely something that we can all get behind!

The boys are currently recording an album that they plan to have out by Christmas. They're on tour right now, which means they're recording in hotel rooms and on tour buses and makeshift recording studios. If you believe close friend of the band Ed Sheeran, they've already finished recording the album!

Will there be 3 more One Direction albums by 2016?

We hope they can fulfill their end of the deal and get two more albums out in the next couple of years after that!

What gets us most excited about this deal is that it means the boys plan to stick together as One Direction for at least 3 more years! We couldn't ask for much more than that.

The deal might also give the boys more opportunity to collaborate and write songs for the band.

Who else can't wait to have all 5 One Direction albums in their hands?