3 Reasons We'd Never 'Unfriend' Greyson Chance

1. He is UBER talented: Greyson has a phenomenal vocal range and it's apparent whether or not he is belting out the likes of Lady Gaga, or singing his new song, "Unfriend You" on The Ellen Show.

2. He has cool friends: Greyson just finished up the Waiting 4U tour with Cody Simpson, whom he now seems to be bffs with, plus he has Ellen and Gaga on his side- who could argue that they'd all be tons of fun to hang out with?!

3. He is a hard worker: With a US tour under his belt, and a slew of public appearances  to boot, Chance has now announced that he'd be releasing his debut full length album titled, "Hold On Til The Night" on August 2nd.

Watch Greyson perform his new single, "Unfriend You":