I Tried Over $300 in Moisturizers This Year—Here's the Winner

When it comes to skincare, almost no step is more important than moisturizing.

But unfortunately, the options can be dizzying and seemingly endless. That's why we did the dirty work for you and slathered on more than $300 worth of moisturizer. We found a winner, along with worthy moisturizing adversaries along the way.

Read on for the favorite moisturizing formulas we tried this year (and scroll to the very bottom for our No. 1 pick!):

hand with moisturizer

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OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream

If you're gunning for a lightweight moisturizer that will leave behind a matte, silky finish, look no further than this $48 formula from OSEA. Organic Algae, Shea Butter and Avocado Oil are mixed together to moisturize and firm. The moisturizer's finish is so great, we even encourage you to use it as a primer.

Osea moisturizer(via OSEA)


Algenist Prebiotic Balancing Moisturizer

You've heard about prebiotics for your gut, but Algenist takes it to a new level with this lightweight moisturizer. The all-mineral SPF 15 is great to wear under makeup and is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling hydrated and balanced. This $40 tube includes probiotics and prebiotics that help balance skin's natural surface bacteria. 

algenist moisturizer

(via Algenist)


La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Intense Soothing Care Moisturizer

French people know how to pull off chic, and part of that effortless look includes top-tier skin. This $29.99 soothing moisturizer is perfect for people with extra sensitive skin. Don't expect to see parabens, fragrance or drying alcohol in this formula, it only includes essential ingredients that can help even acne-prone skin.

Toleriane moisturizer

(via La Roche-Posay)


La Roche-Posay Lipikar Lotion Daily Repair

La Roche-Posay's offerings are nothing short of French miracles, and this $17.99 replenishing moisturizer is proof. It goes to town on every skin type, from normal to dry. This is the bottle to grab when your skin needs a little TLC or if you suffer from eczema. It also boasts receiving the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance.

Lipikar lotion

(via La Roche-Posay)


Skin Actives Scientific Ultimate Moisturizing Cream

This moisturizer used to be called "Dream Cream" for a reason. The ingredients list is intense and includes everything from antioxidants and nutrients to essential fatty acids that help hydrate and repair. At $17 a pop, you can afford to share the goods with your bestie once in a while.

Skinactives moisturizer(via Skinactives.com)


COSRX Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream

If you haven't heard about K-beauty, you must be living under a rock. And if you haven't heard about the $26 cream that revives rough, dry skin, are you even a beauty junkie? Expensive manuka honey is added to the formula along with ceramides. Beeswax also helps hold in moisture after application. 

Corsx moisturizer(via Ulta)


Yon-Ka Paris– Creme 28

If you're in the market for serious skin quenching, look no further than this moisturizer. For $56, this non-oily formula packs a punch with vitamins and softening ingredients. It's also the perfect cream for after sun care. Not that you would need it, right?  You know to always wear your sunscreen.
creme 28(via Yon-Ka-Paris)


Mad Hippie Face Cream

In addition to having one of the best names around, this $25.99 moisturizer is chock full of peptides and antioxidants. One of the main ingredients is also argan oil, known for its hydrating and soothing properties.

Mad Hippie moisturizer

(via Madhippie.com)


The Winner – Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Charlotte Tilbury knows a thing or two about skin. The superstar makeup artist has been working with the biggest celeb names for many years. Our inkling is that all of this experience culminated in a perfectly hydrating moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid is prominent in the formula and it left our skin feeling soft as a baby's bum. The moisturizer comes in different sizes but you can start indulging with their smallest pot that clocks in at $29.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

(via Charlotte Tilbury)


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