Would You Eat These Adorable Foods Straight From a 3D Printer?

The future is now—when it comes to awesome 3D-printed food, that is.

As tech entrepreneurs continue to ponder the potential of food, we all benefit from their incredible printed creations. We want to try something from every one of these innovative machines.

ChefJet Pro 3D Printed candy

(via 3D Systems)

ChefJet Pro

This printer uses sugar, plus a combination of flavoring and red, green and blue food coloring to create tasty combinations and more than a million colors of candies in any shape you can imagine. We hope they taste as good as they look.



Pancake art is nothing new, but PancakeBot lets you create a mockup of your art and let the machine do the tough stuff. Create your drawing using the computer software and the PancakeBot will transform them into tasty art. Sure, pancakes are mostly flat, but this uses clever timing to get different hues of batter during its printing process.


CocoJet 3D Printer

Hershey has its own 3D printer that, of course, prints impressive shapes using melted chocolate. We'd have a really hard time waiting for these sculptures to cool down before digging in.



Who said that food printers have to specialize in any one kind of food? Bocusini prints all different types of food, from chocolates, candies and baking decorations to meet and vegetable formations. They'd look quite impressive on a dinner party plate, and who wouldn't want to eat an adorable candy tower cake topper?


Barilla Pasta Printer

You can never have enough pasta, and this special printer allows you to make never-before-seen pasta shapes. What's better is you can create yummy, technically homemade pasta, mixing in your own special ingredients to create something truly unique.


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