4-Season Clothing Items You Can Wear Every Time of Year

One of the easiest ways to simplify your wardrobe? Stop dividing things up by seasons!

If you live in an area with radically different weather (it's frigid in the winters, but scalding in the summers) you may think you need an entirely different closet in order to accommodate the changes in weather. And while it is true that you'll likely need some one-or-two season items (you won't be wearing your parka in the summer or flip flops in February) there are some clothes you can easily make work all year long—with just a few tweaks.

Below are some clothing items you can easily fit into your wardrobe during all four seasons.

A Denim Jacket

In the summertime, a denim jacket can easily be thrown on over a sundress or jeans and shorts. (If you don'want the whole Britney-and-Justin vibe while wearing jeans or shorts, you can always do a different colored denim, like black or grey.) In winter, a denim jacket works because it's light enough to layer under most bigger coats.


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Linen Shorts

Shorts? For winter? Okay, hear us out: Take your cues from Gossip Girl and pair these with dark tights, and you'll actually be able to get away with wearing these when the weather gets chillier.



Cotton jumpsuits are airy and breezy enough so that you can wear them in the summer, but they provide enough coverage so that you're not freezing when the weather gets colder. A hack, though? If you find yourself way too cold wearing a jumpsuit in chilly temps, layer with tights—no one will be able to tell the difference, and you won't have to worry about underwear lines, either. It's really a win-win.


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High-Waisted Leggings

Whether you believe leggings are pants or not, you know they're versatile. Pair them with a cozy sweater for the winter months, and you'll look cozy-chic. Throw on a casual cropped tee and longer, light jacket, and it's the perfect look for grabbing coffee in the spring. Plus, unlike jeans, you'll never dread slipping into a pair of leggings. Want to elevate the look? Instead of cotton or spandex, try leggings in a luxe-looking fabric, like faux leather.


A Scarf

Okay, hear me out. A cute scarf is a necessary neck warmer in the winter and fall—but it can also be a sarong for the beach in the spring and summer. If you want to get really creative, you can even turn a scarf into a DIY top.


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