4 Signs a Friend Might Actually Be Crushing on You

You know that feeling when you sense a certain…shift in the air when you're with a friend, and suddenly the vibe seems to have shifted in a way that just won't shift back?

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but you might be dealing with a friend who is secretly crushing on you. You never want to assume or make things weird when they don't need to be, though, which can make the act of actually figuring out whether or not they're crushing a bit more convoluted. So, what can you do to find out the truth without messing up a solid friendship dynamic? Well, you can start by looking out for these signs that a crush might be present (on their end, anyway).

1. They Look at You Differently

It's always good to make eye contact when you're speaking to someone, from strangers to close friends. However, the eyes are—as they say—the gateway to the soul, so a recent change in the way they look at you (either when you're talking to them or if you catch them looking at you from across the room) could be something to look out for. A gaze that feels a little extra loving is probably a sign that they're hoping you start looking at them the same way.


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2. They Get Weirdly Jealous or Salty When You Spend Time With Other People

Are they seeming to act a little codependent lately? Whether they be a friend or someone you're seeing romantically, this behavior is always something to be wary of. If this "friend" of yours is starting to show signs that they're annoyed or even jealous every time you hang out with someone else without them (or if they try to steal all your time away when you're both hanging out in a group setting), it may be a sign they're crushing on you.


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3. They Make Fun of Anyone You're Interested In/Crushing On

Friends can joke around, especially about topics like dating. If the comments they're making are starting to take a turn from funny to frankly just mean, though, it's typically a show of jealousy that comes off in the form of them wanting to destroy your attraction to this other person. This could present as mean comments or even making fun of your "type" whenever they get the chance, anything that they might do to make them look like a better romantic candidate in your eyes (although actually making them a worse candidate in the process).


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4. They Dress a Lot Nicer/Try a Lot Harder When They Know You're Going to Be Around

Everybody likes to dress up and feel extra good about themselves sometimes, but we must admit that it's always a little more motivating when you know that your crush is going to be present. If your friend seems to be really pulling out all the stops every time they're around you, it might be a sign that they want to impress you and make you like them.


To be fair, a friend could tick off every item on this list and still by all means not be crushing on you. However, it doesn't hurt to be aware, and you should always trust your instincts. Besides, dating is supposed to be fun and something that you do to find out if you have enough romantic feelings for someone else, and that someone else usually isn't your friend. With that said, click HERE to check out some dating clichés to stop believing.