5 Bieber-ific Quotes From J.B.'s Memoirs

"Dare to be a sucky skateboarder or a lousy video editor or a completely crappy golfer. If we do only the stuff we're good at, we never learn anything new." -page 52

"If I can do just one-tenth of the good Michael Jackson did for others, I can really make a difference in this world." -page 177

"I couldn't believe things were finally coming together. I was almost afraid to believe it. The only thing I can compare it to is when I bungee-jumped off a bridge in New Zealand not long ago. It was a long journey to get there, but, at the last minute, there I was. Standing there. Ready. I had no idea what this was going to be like, but I knew it was going to be awesome." -page 143

"Now I'm really glad that I speak French, because, let's face it, girls dig it when a guy speaks French. They call it the language of love, and that ain't no coincidence. Plus, I love my French fans! Très jolie!" -page 60

"The day I was born, March 1, 1994, Celine Dion was solid at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with "The Power of Love." Not a bad song to start your life on."
-page 26

If that wasn't enough Bieber for you, check out some pics from his recent trip to Japan:

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