While Valentine’s Day might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of things going on in February, that certainly isn’t the only thing to get excited about (or dread, it all depends on your mindset right?).

With that said, here are a few other fantastic things you can do during the shortest month of the year—whether you have a Valentine’s date or not:

1. Host a ‘Galentine’s Day’ Bash

If you haven’t yet heard of Galentine’s Day, it’s essentially a (technically made up, thank you Leslie Knope of Parks & Recreation) holiday before Valentine’s Day that’s dedicated to celebrating the female friends in your life rather than just your significant other. While it doesn’t take the crown from V-day itself—and you’re more than welcome to celebrate both—it is an excuse to go all out and get extra with your besties. Host or attend a bash with your closest friends and enjoy all the cheesy, overtly “girly” things you like. Throw on a marathon of romantic comedies, order a pizza (or five) and bake up (or buy) some sweet treats to enjoy with some of your favorite people, no Valentine required.

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2. Catch the Best Super Bowl Commercials

Whether you’re a true football fan or not, the Super Bowl really is a bit of a cultural phenomenon. If, like many of us, you aren’t so into sports, though, there’s still a major bright side to this widely broadcast event: The commercials! Even if you swap channels between the Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl, try to catch the commercials in between plays—and be prepared to text your friends about the best and most out-there ones in the process.


3. Try a Month-Long Challenge

If you’ve been wanting to try some form of healthy challenge (actually healthy, no juice cleanses or fad diets included), February is a great month to finally do so. Why? Because it’s the shortest month of the year! That means that even if it’s harder than you thought, you won’t have to endure it for as long, but can still feel extremely proud of yourself afterward for making it all the way through. Think of a simple challenge like getting 30 minutes of exercise per day, or not buying any coffee out for the entire month—something that’s actually achievable and good for you, too.

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4. Raid the Clearance Candy Section

While Valentine’s Day may be on the 14th of every year, true sweet-toothed fanatics know that the real holiday is Feb. 15. That’s because that is the day when every store puts all their heart-shaped, lovey-dovey wrapper-covered and generally Valentine’s themed candy goes on clearance. Head to your nearest Target or CVS the day after Valentine’s and treat yourself to a few of your favorites (savored best with a solo Netflix date at home, of course).


5. Do a Wintery Photo Shoot With Your Friends

While February may mean the peak of winter’s chilliest weather for many of us, it also means that spring is right around the corner. So, while you get excited for the longer days, warmer temperatures and sprouting flowers, make the most of the remaining winter days by grabbing a few of your favorite people and doing a little homemade photoshoot in a wintry location in your neighborhood. Get creative, then prepare to post with a cute caption at the ready.

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If this list has you already excited about the idea of throwing a Galentine’s Day party, we’re right there with you. For a little help, click HERE for some COVID-friendly Galentine’s ideas.