5 New Years Must Haves All Under $30

1. The Glitz– Every girl on the face of the planet knows that when it comes to bringing in the new year, glitter must be present. Here's some of our favorite blingy beauty products that are sure to outh-shine the rest: NYX Glitter Cream Palette in "One Night In Luxy", NYX Body Glitter Gel In Silver, and Sparkle-icious nail polish by OPI.

2. The Hair Accessory– A fabulous headband/clip/pony tail etc. is a quick way to bring your look from zero to ten. Here's some of our favorites: Feather Flair Hair Clip, Precious Nuggets Pony, and the Double Strand Rhinestone Headwrap.

3. The Clutch– A clutch is must-must-must-have– every girl needs somewhere to store her cell and lip gloss after all. Check out some of our favorite fashion-friendly handbags: Silence and Noise Small Beaded Purse, Sequin Foldover Clutch, and last but not least- The Structured Sequin Clutch from Forever 21.

4. The Cover-Up– We all know that looking cute is the number 1 priority on any New Years Eve-er's list, but is it worth it to brave the cold just to look good? Here is our solution to all you girls who want to celebrate in style, but not in goose bumps: The Handy Dandy Cardigan, The Sleek Scarf, and the Tight-Knit Tights.

5. The Resolution– Ok, so this one is the lightest on your wallet, but what it lacks in dollar value it makes up for in self-worth. Fun Idea: If you can't think of your 2011 resolution, get together with your BFFs for a resolution brainstorming session over cider and snacks.

Need more inspiration? Look to the stars for A+ New Years Eve outfit ideas:

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