5 Seconds Of Summer Names- What's In a Name?

What's the meaning behind the the 5 Seconds Of Summer names? Luke, Michael, Calum, and Ashton are all meaningful names dating back centuries. Read on to see what each of their names are all about!

And what's the meaning behind the band name "5 Seconds Of Summer?" It's just a guess, but it seems it may be based on a spoof of the film "500 Days Of Summer." How would the movie be different if the relationship between Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character and Zooey Deschanel's Summer lasted 5 seconds rather than 500 days?

Luke Hemmings

5 Seconds Of Summer Names - Luke Hemmings

The name "Luke" is originally Latin, meaning "giver of light." Boys named  Luke are natural-born leaders and have great organization and the drive to succeed! They're also seekers of justice and truth.

Michael Clifford

5 Seconds Of Summer Names - Michael Clifford

"Michael" is a biblical name meaning "Who is like God?" Michaels are advocates of peace and harmony. They like to have a source of stability in their lives, whether it be family, friends, or a band!

Calum Hood 

5 Seconds Of Summer Names- Calum Hood

"Calum" is a Scottish name, meaning "dove." The dove has always symbol of peace and purity, and those named Calum also exhibit those characteristics. They crave orderliness, and love to be creative in their activites.

Ashton Irwin

5 Seconds Of Summer names - Ashton Irwin

"Ashton" is an English name. It's a shortened form of "ashtown," or "town with ash trees." Ashtons are analytical and want to know how everything works. They seek excitement and hate feeling pinned-down by rules.

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