5 Teen Movies to Get You Pumped for Prom

It's hard to believe summer break is almost here, and with that comes the most exciting time of the school year: prom.

Whether you have plans to attend or you'll be taking it easy elsewhere, you can still live the magic of prom at home. Below, we've gathered five of our favorite movies that are the epitome of the prom spirit.

Prom Pact

Disney+ released Prom Pact on March 30, just in time for the prom season. This feel-good film uses the trope of an unsuspecting nerd falling in love with the popular jock, and it pays homage to '80s teen films with grand, retro promposals. 


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He's All That

We were so excited for Addison Rae to make her acting debut, and her performance in He's All That is everything we wanted and more.

Again, this remake of the '90s rom-com She's All That is the story of a super popular TikToker (played by Addison) who realizes there's more to the class "loser" than she'd expect after an attempt to turn him into a hunk in time for prom. 


The Kissing Booth

We have to thank The Kissing Booth for introducing us to Jacob Elordi.

In this 2018 teen comedy movie, Joey King's character, Elle Evans, falls in love with her best friend's brother, Noah Flynn, played by Jacob, after the two share a kiss at a charity kissing both. The relationship is filled with ups and downs before an intense breakup, and Noah attempts to rekindle the relationship at prom. 


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Say what you want, but the Twilight prom scene solidified us as Team Edward. It's the moment when Bella Swan truly realizes she loves Edward Cullen and offers to sacrifice her mortality to be with him forever. Though, for Team Jacob, the scene also proves Jacob Black's protective nature as he "warns" Bella about the dangers of staying with Edward.

Regardless of which team you are, Twilight is a classic high school movie. Who doesn't want to dance under a twinkling gazebo like Edward and Bella?


High School Musical 3: Senior Year

If you're a Gen Z kid, High School Musical was probably one of your first glimpses into what high school would look like. 

The film's third and final release, Senior Year, is definitely the most bittersweet and sentimental in the series. It includes some of the most defining times of those four years, like prom, applying to college and graduation. Of course, the prom scene is the most iconic of the three with their performance of "A Night to Remember!"


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