5 Things Girls Wish More Guys Knew About

Do you ever wish that someone else could simply step into your shoes (figuratively speaking, of course) for a moment to know what it's like to live your life?

For most of us girls, this is true more often than we'd like. This is mostly because of the uncomfortable situations we're placed into regularly, all simply due to the type of society we live in. With that said, here are a few things us girls wish more guys knew about:

1. How Much Any Physical Criticism Affects Us

Society is so hard on women, particularly when it comes to how we look. With photoshopped images of "perfect" faces and bodies (that are so edited they don't even look like the models they feature anymore) constantly bombarding us since childhood, it's hard not to feel at least a bit insecure. While media and brands have recently started to adapt to changing opinions on the beauty and fashion industry by including more diversity, it's a bit too little too late; most of us still feel the need to compare ourselves to these unachievable images and pick ourselves apart. Because of that, any negative comment that anyone—but especially a guy—makes, whether it be ill-intended or not, digs deep into our confidence. Whether it's something about a girl's weight or anything else, most things are typically best left unsaid unless it's a genuine compliment that couldn't be negatively misconstrued.

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2. How We Feel Unsafe In A Lot Of Situations

Scary situations that most of us are far too familiar with include wondering if the person walking behind you at night is following you, carrying your car keys between your fingers in case an attacker approaches you, locking your car doors the moment you get inside (even if you're just at the grocery store in the middle of the day), having to "play nice" to guys that are being aggressive out of fear that they might retaliate and having to ask someone to walk with you to your car at night for safety—just to name a few. Something that may feel normal and everyday to you could be a scary and unsafe situation for a girl (all you need to do is read virtually any true crime or news story for proof). So please don't shrug it off next time your girlfriend or close female friends say that they don't want to walk home by themselves or mention anything else that conveys that they don't feel safe.


3. That We Don't Dress For Their Attention

Not much needs to be said about this one except that you can keep your opinions to yourself when it comes to what women wear. Sure, sometimes we love wearing flirty sundresses and feminine heels, but sometimes we also love to be lazy or try out a new trend that has nothing to do with the male gaze.

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4. That We Don't Want To Be Hit On While Working Out/Walking Home/Literally Just Living Our Lives

Women don't feel safe being approached by men in what could be deemed a lot of "normal" situations—see item No. 2 on this list for reference. When we're just going about our business, there's a good chance that the last thing we want to do is peel out our earbuds to listen to some guy "compliment" us only to get offended when we turn them down. Yes, this can be a bit blurry when it comes to things like simply making friends or trying to meet people you're interested in, but basically if we look like we don't want to be talked to, then it's best to act like it as well.


5. That We're Casually In Pain, Like, A LOT

Between period pains, sore boobs, growth spurts and casual stabbing pains that seem to happen for no reason whatsoever, we girls put up with a lot of pain every month/week/day. We're a whole lot tougher than we look, so the least you could try is to respect when we say we're in pain (and preferably offer to get us some medicine or at least a pillow or some chocolate while you're at it).

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This list could go on and on, but essentially there's a whole lot that we women wish we could scream straight into the faces of guys who say stupid things to us on the regular.

So, whether you're a guy trying to better yourself or a girl just here to commiserate with the rest of us, check out a little more relating to this subject by clicking HERE for a list of compliments guys can give girls that actually aren't too forward.