5 Little Things You Can Do to Step Up Your Fitness Game

While the influencers on your feed might make it look simple, fitness is something that isn't always so easy.

After all, being "fit" can look completely different for different people, and the way that you exercise can be totally not the same (yet just as healthy) as someone else. At the same time, though, improving your overall fitness game doesn't need to be difficult, no matter if you're a beginner or a loyal gym-goer (or anywhere in between). If you're interested in taking your fitness game up a notch, here are some little things you can do to step it up.

1. Add In Planks

"Planking" isn't just a social media trend that's come and gone, it's also a seriously effective fitness move that can lead to some major results. Try incorporating planks into your routine for a simple switch up, or try to hold them for longer if it's already a part of your regular session.

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2. Band It Up

Feel like you're not seeing any results even though you're working ultra-hard at the gym (or even at home)? Adding a resistance band into your existing routine might just be the little change you need to kick your muscles into gear.


3. Increase That Incline

Treadmill lovers, listen up: It's time to increase the incline while you walk for a simple, easy way to engage your muscles more than you would with your regular old hot girl walk.

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4. Try the Next Weight Up

Been lifting one specific weight for a while now? Next time you hit the gym, try to do your regular routine with weights that weigh just a little bit more than your usual. This will challenge your body and help you build more valuable muscle mass.


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5. Have a Solid Soundtrack

Whether you're a podcast person or need some music to get you up and moving, having the right soundtrack to your exercise routine can make all the difference in how hard you actually work out.

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While these small little things can help you level up your fitness game easily, having the right athleisure can also help inspire you to get active more often. Click HERE to check out our list of the best places to buy athleisure on a budget.