54 Celsius Is the Uniquely Shaped Candle Brand That NEEDS to Be on Your Radar

If you follow our coverage, you know that all of us at Sweety High are obsessed with scented candles—but delicious smells aren't the only thing that make candles ridiculously memorable.

In fact, uniquely shaped candles and candles that offer a little something different are all the rage at the moment—particularly when you're thinking about decorating your space with unique and eye-catching pieces. While Etsy used to be our go-to destination for such candles, we've recently fallen in love with 54 Celsius. The brand was kind enough to send us a few of their offerings, and we're in love everything they have to offer.

Twist: $40 to 45 each

What's more fun than this twisty, twirly candle? Most candlesticks are just that—sticks—when the versatility of wax makes any kind of fun shapes possible. The unique twist in this candle allows for two wicks to be lit at once, and it's supported by itself. It's available in various colors, but we love the candy cane motif of this option best of all. We recommend burning it over a plate to catch the dripping wax.

twist candles candy cane

(via 54 Celsius)


CandleCan: $27 each

CandleCan makes candles in tin cans that you open like cans of tuna, revealing the adorable (and impeccably scented) designs within. Made by candlemakers in Lithuania, it's all about the cute shapes hidden in each can. Pop one open and try not to fall in love with how it smells—though be careful handling the metal containers, as they can get hot!

CandleCan in blackberry and orange

(via 54 Celsius)


Secret Message Candles: $11.99 each

Want to surprise someone you care about with a secret message? 54 Celcius's Secret Message candles were made for you. Once burned for just an hour or two, the wax in these small unscented candles melts to reveal a fun message at the bottom of the container. The message also appears on a paper insert in the box, but you can remove it before gifting it to someone to reveal a nice surprise—or just burn one as a nice message of affirmation to yourself it that strikes your fancy.

Secret message candles

(via 54 Celsius)


CandleHand: $40 each

When it comes to candles in cool and innovative shapes, we don't think you can do much better than CandleHand's awesome hand-shaped candles. They're available in both "You Rock" and "Peace" options–plus a ruder one that we won't include here—they're hyperrealistic and so cool as their double wicks burn down. In fact, we love the design so much it almost feels like a shame to burn this one.

Candlehand candles you rock and peace

(via 54 Celsius)


Tallow: $28 each

Love Victorian films where people walk around with a candlestick alight in a metal holder with a handle? This special candle is designed to help you recreate that exact feeling, except it'all built into the candle itself. Just light the candle, hold it at its sturdy base, and pace your home at night in search of ghosts and more.

tallow candle black

(via 54 Celsius)


Everyday Emergency Candles: $30 each

Need a little emergency light, or extra ambiance? Everyday emergency candles come in a pack of four, so that whether your power is going out or you need some mood lighting for your romantic night in or surprise nighttime hangout in the backyard, you'll be covered.

Everyday Emergency candles you got this

(via 54 Celsius)


Pyropet: $39 each

Pyropet candles may just be the most gorgeous candles of all time. On the outside they're shaped like a fabulous geometric version of animals including unicorns, cats, dogs, reindeer and dragons, and as you burn them, their beautiful metal skeletons are revealed. They're the only stunning-looking candle that's just as amazing to look at after it's burnt, and the experience is amazing from start to end.

Pyropets unicorn candle

(via 54 Celsius)


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