6 New Things to Try This November

With Halloween and "spooky season" coming to a close, there's a whole lot more to be excited about than just all the clearance candy on the shelves.

That's because, once the trick-or-treaters head home and the clock strikes midnight on October 31st, November officially begins. It doesn't seem to get the same hype as October or December, but there's a lot to love about fall's coziest month—not to mention plenty of new things to try! Not sure where to begin? Once you sleep off your Halloween candy coma, gather your group (or go it alone) and give some of these new things a try this November.

1. Host a Friendsgiving (or Try a New Theme If You've Hosted Before)

November marks the official start of the holiday season, with Thanksgiving taking the forefront all month long. However, it certainly isn't the only reason to get excited about cooking something up in the kitchen (or just offering to clean up the plates afterward if you can't be trusted to cook something other than toast). Friendsgiving is a great excuse to gather with your best friends, and it also happens to involve tons of food. What's not to love? If you've never hosted a Friendsgiving gathering before, give it a try this year. If you have, give it another go with a new theme—think "global cuisines" or "desserts only" or something fun that keeps everyone from getting sick and tired of turkey before the actual turkey day rolls around.


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2. Get Ahead on Your Holiday Shopping

If you're the type of person who normally pushes your holiday shopping to the last minute—like, paying for express shipping on December 23rd or hitting the hectic halls of the mall on Christmas Eve last minute—then now is the time to try something new: actually getting your shopping done early. Not only is this a great way to avoid stress later on, but it could even save you money or at least help you better stretch your budget rather than going overboard all at once. Look for random deals that pop up at some of your favorite stores and pick up presents for the people on your list along the way, no Black Friday madness required.


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3. Start (& Finish) a New Book

Here's something new to try: actually finish at least one book every month. This might already be something you're doing, but if you're the type who always picks up a book and then seems to never pick it up again, this is a great way to stay on track and keep your brain in good shape while you're at it.


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4. Find a New Way to Get Active

No need to wait until NYE to start a new healthy habit! Whether you're already a major fitness fanatic or are the type who counts the trip from the couch to your bed as cardio, trying a new type of exercise is something that can actually get you excited about working out. Maybe it's a dance class or a fitness challenge you've seen all over TikTok, as long as it's something new to get you moving this month.


5. Say Something Nice to Yourself Every Day

A little self-love can go a long way, and it all starts with being just a bit nicer to yourself each and every day. This November, put in the effort to say something nice to yourself (about yourself) every day. It might seem weird at first, but it will soon become a habit and you just might be shocked at how your total sense of self can change with this one subconscious trick.


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6. Switch Up Your Style

If you've been sticking to the same style for a while now, let November be the month that you finally try a new trend you've been eyeing. It doesn't have to be anything wildly different from how you normally dress—you can be as bold as you want to be. It's all about embracing the confidence of trying something new, after all.


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