How To Tie Six Sensational Scarf Styles For Winter Season!

Yet again it's that time of the year to bundle up and stay warm–as stylishly as possible, of course! Check out our favorite scarf styles to find the look to match any outfit.classic new yorker bow scarf styles

First, we have the classic. The classic is a great way to stay warm and goes with just abut anything. Just wrap once, and go!

Then there's our favorite take on the classic, the New Yorker! This is sometimes called the loop. Fold your scarf in half, swing around your neck, and loop the tasseled ends through the loop. Now you're ready for a wintery stroll through Central Park! These simple styles are best for big scarves and winter jackets.

Looking for something cuter? Try the bow! The bow adds a fun flair to a plain scarf look. And it's easy! Just tie a big fluffy bow, either up near your neck or loose and casual. It's super cute, and perfect with light jackets and dresses!

Next up, we have the bandit, also known as the cowgirl. If you have a square scarf, fold it diagonally, then tie the corners behind your neck. If your scarf is extra large, you can wrap the corners around an additional time. This rascally look pairs perfectly with army style jackets!bandit neck-kerchief belted scarves

Another great style is the neck-kerchief. Smaller scarves can be tied snugly around your neck for a super stylish effect. If it's a square, fold it diagonally first. This is a great alternative to a necklace and adds a great splash of color. We just love its vintage charm!

Lastly, we are loving the belted style this season. It's bold and super warm! All you need is a long scarf and a fun belt. Drape the scarf around you neck, and tie your belt over it. This looks great with a few layered scarves. Have a few colorful skinny belts around? Layer those too! Belted scarves are a fabulous way to spice up a plain shirt.

On the lookout for more fun scarf styles? Check out the handy guide from Nordstrom below!