6 Things You Should Know About Spencer Sutherland

How well do you know Spencer Sutherland? In a recent interview with Unveiled musician, we asked him all about his biggest influences in music and more to unveil 6 things you never knew about Spencer.

6 things you never knew about Spencer Sutherland including his biggest musical influences, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift

Who are your top 3 musical influences?

Probably 1. Bruno Mars, 2. Justin Timberlake and 3. Taylor Swift, for obvious reasons. They're all awesome. 

What album defined your musical style growing up?

4. The first album that I heard growing up was Jailhouse Rock, an Elvis number one hits CD. That was pretty much the first song I heard and really connected with in third grade. I remember when I heard it I freaked out. I was like 'Who is this?' It's got that riff, that "Da Na Na…" It's crazy. It hit me hard.  

What artist do you dream of collaborating with?

5. Probably Bruno Mars, just because he has such an incredible voice. He's an incredible writer. I feel like he'd be super cool to hang out with. 

What's your secret talent?

6. I'm actually really, really good at math, secretly. I wasn't very good at school, and math was my worst subject for sure. But sometimes I'll be with people and someone will ask how much to tip and I'll give them the exact number. Or we're out for dinner with nine people and  I guess the bill and I'm a dollar or two off.