6 Ways to Spend Spring Break on a Budget in 2023

With the frostiness of February now behind us, we can almost smell the sunscreen in the air as the ides of March are fast approaching—and if you're in middle school, high school or college, that means one major thing: Spring break.

Spring break is the perfect time to escape the stress of school and just get away for a while, making some memories with your friends and family that will last you well into the rest of the semester and beyond. But what if you can't afford to take a trip to the kind of destination you're dreaming of?

First of all, you're far from alone. While we all wish we got invited to influencer events from Miami to Los Angeles a la Alix Earle, it's far more likely that most of us will be spending our spring breaks catching up on sleep rather than catching flights. A tighter budget doesn't mean you need to spend the whole break sitting at home scrolling through post after post of envy-inducing travel pics, though. So save yourself the FOMO with these six ways to spend spring break 2023 on a budget.

1. Make a Bucket List of Things to Do In Your City

No matter where you are, there's surely something cool to do right from your own city. Whether it's a museum that you haven't visited since the field trips of childhood or a nearby natural park where you keep saying you'll go kayaking, spring break is the time to actually do all those things worth doing in your very own town. Check out lists online of the coolest things to do in your city or whip up a bucket list of your very own, then spend your time away from school chipping away at that list (without chipping too hard away at your bank account in the process).


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2. Host a Party

You probably won't be the only one in your friend group who isn't going away for spring break this year, so why not get together with anyone who is in town and have the spring fling of your dreams? While a pool party or beach bash would certainly be ideal, if the weather where you live doesn't allow for it then you can still have a ball even if it has to be indoors. If you need some ideas, we'd suggest a potluck, an old-fashioned sleepover or even a throwback theme ('70s/'80s/'90s themes are always winners).


3. Embrace Your Creative Side

Pick up that paintbrush or old camera that hasn't seen the light of day in a while and spend your spring break creating something that lets you flex those artistic muscles. If you run out of ideas, go on a scavenger hunt in your area for things worth painting or photographing and just get creative. Who knows, you might even discover a new talent while you're at it.


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4. Read All Those Books You've Been Setting Aside

If you're guilty of always picking up a new book every time you find your way into a bookstore while you have a full bookshelf at home screaming for your attention, now's the time to actually sit down and enjoy them. Bonus points for taking your reading sessions outdoors, but even if the weather is against you you'll be able to feel productive with the way you choose to spend your spring break (without spending a dime in the process, too).


5. Tour Some Nearby Colleges

If you're in high school, it's never the wrong time to start thinking about what your path might look like after graduation. If college is in the cards for you, then touring local colleges is a great way to get away over spring break while still doing something that future-you might just thank you for. Even if you plan on attending a university that's as far from your current location as possible, seeing some colleges for yourself will help you know more about what to expect or even what you don't want.


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6. Do Something That Gets Your Adrenaline Rushing

Have a theme park somewhere near you? If the tickets don't cost as much as a cross-country flight, go! Have a mountain worth hiking, or a river worth canoeing? Even if you're mostly doing it for the post-worthy pictures, do it. Whatever new experience you can do that doesn't cost you a fortune is well worth the investment, especially if it gets your adrenaline rushing more than hearing the words "pop quiz" when you return to class after spring break ends.


Honestly, this list of ways to spend your spring break on a budget could go on and on, but we'll cap it here to ensure you have at least something in mind if a flight to Europe or a cruise to the Bahamas is off the table. If you do need some additional ideas, though, click HERE to check out our list of six underrated spring break destinations.