A new Insurgent making of featurette goes behind the scenes of the upcoming Divergent sequel and leaves us more pumped to see Tris and Four’s return to the big screen than ever before. Even if you’ve never laid eyes on Divergent, we have 7 reasons you must see Insurgent when it hits theaters on March 20th.7 Reasons You Can't Miss Insurgent

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!

1. A new beginning for Tris, including a drastic hair cut that looks absolutely fabulous on star Shailene WoodleyShailene Woodley as Tris cuts her hair in one frame and wears a short pixie cut in the next

2. For the first time, we’ll get to see some new factions like Amity, and Candor onscreen. We’ll even get to find out all about FactionlessThe Amity and Factionless Factions from Insurgent

3. Maybe finding out what’s in this crazy box?Jeanine's Divergent box in Insurgent

4. More of Theo James as Four, obviouslyTheo James as Four In Insurgent

5. Plus, getting introduced to a mysterious new character, Four’s mom Evelyn, played by Naomi WattsIn Factionless, we meet Naomi Watts as Four's Mom, Evelyn, in Insurgent

6. And finally discovering exactly what Jeanine and her Erudite cronies are up toKate Winslet as Jeanine tries to do something with Divergents

7. Last but not least, even bigger, crazier action than Divergent, surrounding by some spectacular special effects. Plus, it looks like Shailene did most of her own stunts, as if we needed another reason to love her even moreShailene Woodley does her stunts in a harness against a green screen for Insurgent

What reasons did we miss? Be sure to let us know and we might just add it to the list. You can also join our Divergent fan community at Sweety High.