7 Little Things You Can Do to Help Beat the Winter Blues

While giving it a name as cute as the "winter blues" may make it sound simple and not so serious, feeling down during the coldest time of the year is something that many of us struggle with.

After all, seasonal depression is a completely real thing, and it should certainly be treated as such. If your case of the winter blues isn't quite that severe (but still bad enough that you can't seem to shake the feeling), you don't need to inconvenience yourself for the sake of trying to feel better. There are some little things you can do to help beat your case of the winter blues, and they're easy to incorporate into your regular life. So, when you need a little pick-me-up during the darkest days of the year, try one of the below suggestions!

1. Sneak In Some Sunlight

One of the key causes of the winter blues is the shorter days, when it's difficult to get in your daily dose of vitamin D. After all, there's a reason we equate sunshine with happiness, right? While it may be more difficult to do during this post-daylight savings time season, getting in some sunshine when possible is good for your body and mind. So, even if you're tempted to stay indoors to avoid the chilly weather outside, try to get out for at least a bit when the sun is actually showing its gorgeous, gorgeous face this winter.


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2. Wintery Walks

The weather outside may be frightful, but embracing the cold air by warming yourself up with a walk is a surefire way to help stave off the winter blues this season. Find a route you like that isn't too far from home if you just can't handle the chill anymore, and be sure to pack your gloves if you live somewhere where the temperature gets really low so that you don't have to retire your hot girl walks just because it got cold.


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3. Plan Some Things

Having activities to look forward to can be a game-changer year-round, especially when the winter blues have been creeping up on you. Whether you plan a day trip with your best friends or just a night to go see a new movie in theaters, creating small things you can get excited about in advance keeps your happiness up even when the sun sets all too early.


4. Try Increasing Your Mindful Habits

Not to sound cheesy, but mindfulness can be totally life-changing. Even better—you barely have to do anything to become more mindful! The key is simply staying more present in each moment by learning to slow down, take stock of the things around you (particularly the ones that feel good or that make you happy) and just be grateful for the moment. While it might feel a little foreign at first, mindfulness can quickly go from being something you have to actively think about to a secondhand habit that's a total game-changer for your overall happiness levels.


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5. Spend Time With Others

It can be tempting to hole up in your room and hibernate when winter comes around, but trust us when we say that there's a whole lot of value in social interaction. Even if you're an introvert, spending time with friends and family is necessary for shaking off the winter blues and creating new moments you can always look back on fondly.


6. Beautify Your Space

Speaking 0f hibernation, you'll want to make your space as cozy as possible for those moments when you are relaxing at home this winter. One way to beat your winter blues is to make your home (or just your room if you're still under your parents' roof) as bright and beautiful as possible. Try adding some new plants, switching up your wall art or even investing in some new bedding that elevates the look and feel of the whole space.


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7. When In Doubt, Write It Out

There's a reason why journaling has become so popular lately (and why you see all those influencers on your TikTok feed including in their daily life videos). It's a great way to take a moment for yourself to relax and reflect, both on what you've done and what you want to do. How you journal is completely up to you—some people do best with writing down some affirmations while others prefer a more diary entry style. Whichever way feels most natural to you, try to include journaling in your life as often as possible and see how the winter blues start dripping away like the melting snow in spring.


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