7 Year Old Is Bullied For Being A Star Wars Fan

Meet Katie Goldman: A 7 year-old from Evanston, Illinois who was nicknamed 'Jedi Katie' for her love of the Star Wars series, and who recently caught the eye of the world wide web for her heart warming tale of being bullied for that very love.

Katie, who has feared being called 'different' because she is adopted and has had a vision impairment that causes her to wear an eye patch, would bring her Star Wars mug to school every day up until a couple weeks ago when she asked her mom to buy her a new pink one. Katie's mom eventually got it out of her daughter that she was being teased for liking Star Wars, which was 'for boys'.

Catherine Taber, who played the voice of Padme Amidela on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", came across Katie's story on Epbot. Taber was filled with empathy for the young girl and urged her friends to help spread the word about Katie and her love for Star Wars. Saying that, "The whole theme of the 'Star Wars' universe is an anti-bullying theme. It's good versus evil, standing side by side with your friends, doing what's right. One of the most important things to stopping bullies in their tracks is to empower kids to stand up for themselves."

Tabor's encouraging words brought on a wave of support from fans and non-fans alike, and Katie has been showered not only with light sabers, but also with a support team exceeding the thousands. Also, on December 10th Katie's school will be hosting a Proud To Be Me Day- a day where kids will wear clothes  that show their interests.

To find out more about Katie and her story, click here.